My Afternoon/Evening Schedule as a WOHM (w/ a 5 year old girl and a 3.5 year old boy)

Here is the rest of my day as a WOHM….read about my morning here.

Assuming that Luke picks up the kids, I get home around 4:40pm, sometimes even earlier. If he's traveling/busy, then the kids and I don't get home until after 5pm.

4:40pm – I arrive home. Luke gets home with the kiddos 5 minutes before or after me. So basically, the whole family gets home around the same time!

4:45 – 5:15pm – I cook dinner while the kids play (when the weather is beautiful, the kids play outside while Luke keeps watch). I cook very simple dinners, more or less the same every week. I really need to add more variety, but the kids eat what I cook so why rock the boat? Just before dinner, I get them to potty and wash hands.
5:15 – 5:40pm – Dinner is served for the kids around 5:15pm, while I tidy up the kitchen. Then Luke and I join them in the middle of it. Nowadays, the kids eat relatively well and dinner time is mostly pleasant. After the kids are done, I grab fruit from the fridge. Lately they are crazy for those sweet seedless clementine. Last night, we had fresh mango and they loved that too.

5:40 – 6:00pm – The adults finish eating and clean up (wash dishes, wipe table, clean kitchen, pack the leftovers) while the kids entertain themselves with various things. We either hear laughter or sibling spats. "Anna, you are so bad to me!" "Mama, Will is not sharing!" *SIGH*

6:00 – 6:45pm – This is free time. We hang out as a family. During this time I have Anna read me a phonetics book from school. The kids might draw. Or we might have a show on. It all depends on how tired we are, how well the kids are behaving. Since Anna doesn’t get to nap at school, she is really tired around this time, so we might make it an early night.
6:45 – 7:10pm – I shower with Anna and Luke showers with Will. I get out first, get Anna dressed. By then Will shows up in our bathroom and I get him dressed. The kids run to get books.

7:10-7:25pm – By now I am just about done for the night so we read two SHORT stories. Then Anna goes potty one last time and off to bed. I give them "silly hugs" and "silly kisses" and go through the same motion each night: "Yes, I will leave the door light on!", "Yes, I will pick you up at 7!", "I am going downstairs now so don't bother me!", "Love you Anna!", "Love you Will!"
7:30pm - Finally, real free time starts. I might prep for a blog post, sometimes I might even cook stuff for the next day, but most likely, I join Luke on the couch for a show. We just finished watching Love Me Or Leave Me last night.

Then by 9:30pm, we head upstairs. I take Anna potty one last time before I go to bed. Since we don't have Pesto anymore, bedtime for us is a lot more flexible. We browse on the tablets for a bit and another day is done!

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  1. She is really growing up so quickly.

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome evening! I love that the kids can play outside with Luke while you make dinner. Our kids are usually in front of the TV. The older one, especially. I wish we could get home as early as you do! Usually, we are both home by 6pm.

  3. wow.. the fact that your husband gets home so early.. it's mindblowing to me.. and so amazing.. mine doesn't get home before 7-730. So there is really no time to relax and enjoy.. dinner is waiting.. and while i clean up he hurries to get the kids ready for bed. I come up to do story time and hope they sleep.. soon.. and everyone is exhausted.
    You are blessed and so lucky.


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