it's the most beautiful time of the year (& a meetup!)

The time has come for the annual viewing of the cherry blossoms!

Although trees along the Tidal Basin in DC were at peak, over at Meadowlark Gardens this past Sunday, we were probably a couple of days too early -- most trees still had tight buds, but there WERE a few with full blossoms.
The weeping cherry trees around the lake were my favorite.
I usually take a bajillion pictures, but this time I was too busy chatting with my blogging friend (nice to finally meet you, Lisa!) to be bothered with that. I am glad hubs came along or I might have lost a kid or two :) Just before we left, we attempted to take a group shot (minus hubs) with everyone looking at the camera, but I actually like this candid shot more:
The kids had lots of fun running around. I enjoyed getting to know Lisa. Although I feel like I have known her a long time already from reading her blog. Anyway, warm sunshine + beautiful scenery + good company = a great outing! :)


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    1. Yes! This whole weekend was just so nice. Okay, a bit windy on Saturday, but still! Hope you enjoyed the nice weather too!

  2. Not a fan of crowds, so avoiding DC was more than welcome. However, this usually tranquil garden was busier than normal. Oh well, can't win them all. Just glad the weather was nice and the family had a good time.

  3. You got some great closeups of the blooms!! It was great meeting you & the family and hope to do it again! Enjoy the blooms this weekend if you go again :) . That candid shot is cute! So are all the ones of your kids.

    1. Thank you! I don't think we will go again. There will always be next year. Thanks for driving all the way out here to meet us. I am glad you came to our house afterwards to play too. I think the kids had more fun playing on the driveway.


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