ordinary days

I keep wanting to blog about SOMETHING, but the days seem to meander along, busy with life's little moments but nothing monumental - no new places or events. But because I don't like going too long without updating my beloved blog, I thought I would quickly share two pictures, taken yesterday evening after the dinner hustle. In the winter, our long driveway means a lot of snow shoveling (for Luke), but we love it in the spring. The kids roam safely and free, giggling and laughing and making up silly games. I like it when they get all dirty and sweaty and tired and all we have to do is head upstairs for a bath before wrapping it all up for the night. It's the best :)
Property of mom!!  😊
You can't read his shirt, but it says, "PROPERTY OF MOM" :)


  1. :) Mom's property has a really charming smile!

  2. Cute shirt! Love that driveway for playing on warm evenings (and days!). I am also experiencing lots of the ordinary with nothing particularly awesome to share. But life's just like that right? You can blog about that too! Also, both kids have been sick. Back to back!


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