happiness has arrived.

Just want to share with you my latest photo book! Hawaii!!
Almost two years ago, we packed up the kids and flew to Maui for my brother's wedding. It was the biggest trip we had ever taken as a family and it cost us a pretty penny...yet, we got nothing to show for except a folder titled "Hawaii 2013" on my computer. So happy that is no longer the case! Now we have something that we can hold and flip through and re-live the memories (haha, the good, the bad and the ugly).
As always, I got an 8x8 hard cover book from Shutterfly. Shutterfly makes it so easy -- I just love all the layout and design options available. And the quality of the book itself is amazing.

For my photo books, I like the “big and multi” combo. I save the big photo for my favorite and then the multi tells more of a story. The pages below are of our visit to the famous Old Lahaina Luau. I like this picture on the left of hubs and me, with the sun setting behind us. Then the other page has pictures from the rest of the evening.
Since we were there for my brother's wedding, I have a two page spread on that. Again, another "big and multi" combo.
I also like to keep the books fun and real. No glamor shots here, but I adore those pictures of 18-month old Will below. It was so tough for all of us to adjust to the different time zone. The kids woke up BEFORE the crack of dawn and by 11 in the morning, they were always pooped. One day at lunch, Will literally fell asleep in his high chair in the middle of chewing. We had such a good laugh. Fun memory :)
For a typical spread, I try to use photos taken on the same day. It makes the pages tie together. In this case, all these pictures were taken on Mother's Day, which was spent between the pool and the beach.
This book (40 pages) actually turned out more expensive than I had wanted to spend. Shipping was a killer, but I think I could've done a better job of picking the page layout to really pack the pictures in. For example, the spread below, with two big Will pictures, is probably an overkill. I always feel that Will pictures show up less frequently than Anna pictures, so I was just trying to make up for it I guess!
Overall, I am really happy with the book. I am in the middle of working another one. Go me!

On another note, recently I came across a promotion -- 101 free prints -- so of course I snatched that deal. The prints are still on their way to me, but once they arrive, I think I am finally going to clear my afternoon and organize my junk photo drawer (there are over 1000 pics in there) and stuff them in albums chronologically.


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