Easter things #1-4

1. This year, by the time I realized that registration for local egg hunts was already open, I was way too late. I couldn’t believe it...not a spot left…this was back in early March too!

Since we swore off those massive free ones, it was up to me to create an Easter egg hunt at home. At first I was disappointed that the kids would be missing out on an organized event, but our front yard egg hunt turned out to be successful so it worked out okay. Bonus that we didn't have to drive anywhere. Or spend any money.

Kids were so excited. All morning Will asked me when we were going to hunt for eggs.
The little egg hunt I did for the kids was really simple and I didn't spend a cent buying anything new from the Easter aisle. I filled about 50 plastic eggs (that I already had) with Zinkies (a never-opened Christmas present from Luke’s sister years ago), Starburst (from Valentine's Day), and quarters (from my car and wallet).
The two of them raced to get as many eggs as possible, haha. Very fun to watch!
Back home, they loved opening their eggs and I loved that they didn't bring any more junk home. The quarters went straight into their piggy banks. The candies went back to the candy jar. The plastic eggs and baskets are back in the basement. Clutter free and mess free. Well, except the Zinkies. They are all over our living room as I type.

2. Of course I also filled up their baskets with goodies. I spent around $8 on Anna’s and even less on Will’s. The goodies included egg puffy stickers, a small kit of Lego Friends, eggs with gummies inside, hair ties, TMNT stickers, sidewalk chalk, and most importantly, marshmallow Peeps. I put these baskets together last minute. Next year though, I am planning ahead. We have a set of bunny chopsticks coming for Will that would have been perfect for the basket...but alas, it won't be here till this week.
Anna put together her newest Lego set with very little assistance from me. It was a small set, perfect for her to follow the booklet instructions.
3. Here is something new we did this year and the kids went crazy excited about it. On the eve of Easter, we “planted” jelly beans out in our herb garden and waited for the Easter bunny to work his magic overnight.
In the morning, the crowd went wild when they found in each of the spots where there was previously a jelly bean, there was now a lollipop popping out of it! I told them this only happens on Easter :) I think they bought it? Ah, the innocence of childhood is so precious...
Will only planted 1 jelly bean so he got 1, but Anna got 3! "Will, next year if you want more lollipops, you need to plant more jelly beans," she said. These heart-shaped lollipops were also leftovers from Valentine's Day.
4. Lastly, dyeing eggs! We did it on a random weeknight using a kit. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Anna has been using that phrase a lot and it's stuck in my head.
Our 2015 family Easter eggs :) The kids did it all.
Did you all have a nice Easter weekend? We are not religious, but it was fun to participate in the non-religious side of Easter!


  1. aww they look so happy and excited!

  2. Glad you had a good easter egg hunt in the front yard and how cute about the jelly beans sprouting flowers! We didn't do anything, not even dyeing eggs, because we went out of town this weekend. Oh yea, guess that egg dyeing kit in my pantry can get a year older ;).

  3. I had a good chuckle over the planting of jelly beans! Next year I have to try that!

  4. The Easter Egg Hunt you put together sounds so great. And your kids look so happy :) That's all that matters!

    1. Kids get excited over the smallest things that it's so cute and fun :)

  5. I'll admit, I rolled my eyes when Joyce put this little hunt together, but the joke was on me. The kids absolutely loved scampering around for those colorful balls. They were even more excited to come inside to crack open their loot. Good job Mama!

    1. Thanks! Good thing I didn't let you rain on my parade.


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