Preserving Memories With Photo Books

I am very good about taking pictures of the kids, but horrible at turning them into actual albums. Honestly, the best I have done in the last 5 years as a mom is printing out 4x6s occasionally (whenever I see deals on Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc), but even those pictures just sit inside a drawer, never see the light of day. It makes me sad that I don’t have pictures of my children in photo albums that they can peruse at their leisure…because they sure do LOVE looking at pictures of themselves on my blog.

So, I am takings steps to change that. In the last two weeks, I churned out two photo books and I love them so much that I think it is the start of something new.

My newest treasures...
Starting now, my goal is to make a photo book for every family trip that we take. I realize that making a yearly photo book that encompasses the entire year probably makes more sense, but I am just not organized enough to sort through a year's worth of pictures come January 1st. Instead, a week's (the typical length of our vacations) worth of pictures is right up my alley :)

As you can see, I already went back and did a book for our Disney 2014 trip. Here are a few of the pages inside:
The standard book includes 20 pages, but I added 2 more pages for $1 each. I thought I would have to add a lot more, but I jammed all the pictures in with this layout:
I love the back cover! It's like post-credits since we ended the vacation with Will's 3rd birthday.
The Great Wolf Lodge photo book is partly Anna's 5th birthday present. I wanted her to have something tangible to remember her milestone birthday.
I am currently working on a book for that big Hawaii trip from 2013. Maybe include Myrtle Beach in the same book, since those two trips happened within a month of each other. Then there is Disney 2013. And all those Williamsburg vacations. The bottom line is: I am attempting to catch up to present day. Think I can do it?

As for those everyday shots, I will probably continue to print them out as 4x6s, but be more diligent about putting them in photo albums. I hope by writing this down on the blog will keep me accountable.


Do you make photo books? If yes, I got something for you! I have a coupon code for a free hard cover 20-page 8x8 photo book, exactly like mine just have to pay for shipping, about $8. If you are interested, leave a comment saying so and I will do a random drawing and email you the code :) ps...the code expires on july 30 2015.


  1. Hi Joyce, I have not tried the photo book yet but love to try. Thank you for sharing your loving family. Will and Anna are wonderful children. Connie

    1. Hi Connie, you are the winner of the photo book. Since I don't have your email address...please email me at for your code. Congrats and thanks for playing!

    2. Thank you Joyce! I sent you an email last night.

  2. Great job cranking out 2 photo books! Working backwards in time is a great idea because then you don't feel like you're playing catch up. I do yearly book for each of their birthdays, highlighting the stuff in each of their past years. There's also letters in the front of me and Alan to each of the kids. Anyways, tks for sharing your code! I'd love to be entered. I'll make a special book.

  3. The local CVS has photo books too - I don't know if their prices compare favorably or not - you can upload the photos to CVS' photo site and work on your book from home just like snapfish.

  4. These books have come a really long ways. Back in the day, they were fairly boring and the software sucked. But now, for the fairly steep shipping costs, these are great little albums.


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