monday morning catch ups.

/1/ We put up window clings for every major holiday and now that spring is officially here, we have decorated our glass doors with bunnies, eggs, flowers, birds, and butterflies. Normally Luke is very specific about his “windowscape,” but this time he let the kids have free realm (after he carefully put up the ‘Happy Spring’ and ‘Happy Easter’ up on top, of course). Kids loved it. I heard things like: “Will, put the eggs under the flowers so it’s like they are hiding.” “The butterflies are flying with their friends. Yay!” It was much better than what I used to hear: “Anna, put it right here. RIGHT HERE.”
/2/ My dad had a birthday. We ate out at a restaurant that specializes in hot and spicy Sichuan cuisine. It was very good, although there was one dish that consisted of animal stomach and intestines that grossed me out. I took a bite and literally spat it out. Anyway, my dad is 76 now. Those #6 and #7 candles that we inherited from Luke’s sister have come in handy lately! I’ve already used it twice (6th wedding anniversary, 37th birthday) before. Love reduce, reuse, recycle :)

/3/ The weather was crazy nice the last two days. Since it was already 2 when we came back from my dad’s birthday lunch, we decided to let the kids skip their naps and play outside instead. We were out there enjoying the sunshine for THREE hours! We started out with the basics – bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Then took out various motorized vehicles for the kids to drive around. Finally, we surprised the kids with something new -- scooters! Both kids did very well for first timers. They went up and down our long driveway for over an hour, it seemed. As they get more and more comfortable and build up speed, they will get the balance and I think it will be a lot of fun.
/4/ While we were outside, we also planted some seeds. In the past, we have always bought little seedlings from Home Depot, but this year, we are growing from scratch. I felt especially creative with yogurt cups for containers and masking tape for labels. Kids were so cute. They would stop in the middle of playing and come sit with the little cups, “Look I see something growing!” Haha. Then the next morning, I found them holding the cups under a lamp (that they turned on themselves) :) Hope they grow soon so the kiddos aren't disappointed!

/5/ Last night we started watching the movie Maleficent. We got through half before it was bedtime and wow it is good! Kids are hooked and I am too. So tonight I am breaking my no-movie-on-school-nights rule and we are finishing it up after dinner. Can't wait! 


  1. I hope the seed plantings hurry up the appearance of Spring! It was frigid cold here this morning!

  2. it's great to listen to their conversations as they grow and their imagination really starts to kick in.
    happy birthday to your dad.
    every spring i think about starting some seeds but time escapes me

  3. Their creativity is adorable and I hope you can see some plants soon. Looks like a very good crop! Good idea with the yogurt cups.

  4. It was just a tease of spring, but we managed to make the most of it. And yes, those little seeds are starting to sprout! Pretty soon, it'll be time to transplant them to their summer home.


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