Great Wolf Lodge was ok, nothing special. (Part II)

If it wasn’t for the $100 Bonus Bucks that we had to spend, we would not had done as much as we did outside of the waterpark. But because the money was either use it or lose it, we were high rollers :) We ate at the on-site restaurant, ordered pizza, played at the arcade, and even got presents for the kids.

We ate at the Loose Moose Bar & Grill on Saturday, Anna’s birthday, for breakfast. I purchased the Wolf Wakeup Breakfast package in advance and saved 25%. It was $44 for a very nice breakfast buffet, drinks and gratuities included. We all found something we liked and left with full bellies, ready to take on the waterpark. (Tip: In every guest room, there is a microwave and a mini fridge so people can bring their food from home to save money.)

My breakfast :)
On Saturday night, we ordered a whole cheese pizza at Hungry As A Wolf and ate it inside our room. We were all very hungry by the time we dug in so it tasted especially good. I think it was around $14 to feed all of us. After this pizza birthday dinner, we had cupcakes (from a Walmart 2 minutes away).
(Tip: The Walmart near GWL has a huge bakery and offers customized cakes/cupcakes. I wish I had known that. If I did, I would've ordered something personalized for Anna -- like butterflies and flowers -- in advance. A 24-hour notice is required.)
After pizza and cupcakes, we killed time at the Northern Lights Arcade for the rest of the night. It reminded me of Chuck E. Cheese’s. Anyway, we bought $20 worth of tokens and actually won some stuff (Elsa and a stuffed dog) in return! The kids definitely had lots of fun here. Maybe Anna more so than Will. Whenever Will is at loud, flashy spaces, he gets a little bit dazed and tunes out. I had wanted to use some of the tokens for a game at Ten Paw Alley (bowling), but the lines were too long, unfortunately.
We still had $30 left to blow at this point, so we just went to Buckhorn Exchange Gift Shop and the kids got to pick out something to take home. Anna a gray wolf (that Luke is trying to cut off the tag below) and Will an excavator light hat (that he is modeling).
Would we had done all this without the “free” money? Likely not. But because the kids didn’t enjoy the waterpark as much as we hoped, it was fun for them to do some extras outside of it.

We also did ALL the free resort daily activities, including Wolf Walk (a walk around the lobby to learn about animals, both kids did not like this one), Great Clock Tower Show (animatronic trees and woodland creatures discussed the importance of protecting our environment), and Story Time (honestly very chaotic so we left in the middle).
Oh and we also caught a few character appearances and took pictures with them.

So that was our Great Wolf Lodge trip! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

(read part i here)


  1. Part 2 didn't sound all that bad. Heck, we would have eaten out like you anyways, but paid for ourselves. Such great tips about buying a meal package beforehand and also the nearby Walmart!!!! The free stuff looked cute.

  2. Happy Birthday Anna!!

    The pizza looks delicious!

  3. We've always driven by this place on our travels around Williamsburg and we'll continue to do so. Now that we know what it's all about, for our money at least, there are much better things to see and do down there. Of course, we have to wait till the seasons roll over and things warm up a bit. But if you need some water park action in the middle of winter, this is as good a place as any.


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