a few things as we head into the weekend.

/1/ I mentioned on Monday that I was solo-parenting this week. Luke was supposed to be gone for 3 days, but because of the predicted snow storm, he came back on Wednesday instead, just in time to pick up the kids from various places. But even still, it was a nutty 2 days of doing it on my own. All 3 of us (the kids and me) were (still are, actually) under the weather. Will got sick first and is doing better now, but Anna and I have this terrible, uncontrollable cough. Our throats get suddenly itchy and no amount of water can help. The worst day was Tuesday. I picked her up from school (no fever, so I still sent her to school) and she looked dead tired. She ate what she could for dinner (a hash brown), got a quick shower, and crashed. Before 6. I hung out with Will for the rest of the night.

/2/ This week, I had wanted to pick a solo day and do a day-in-the-life sort of post, but I never got my act together to take more than the 2 pictures posted above. Oh well. It wouldn't have been very interesting anyway. I was definitely just in survival mode.
/3/ We received a significant snowfall yesterday. Schools were closed and so was work. Luke came back just in time to shovel snow. He was out there by himself for a long time (pretty much did the entire pipestem) before the neighbors came out to help. The kids begged to go out to which I vetoed. We just don't have the proper snow gear for them to run around outside. Besides, they are still recovering from their illness and I don't want them to get sick again. We are going out of town next weekend (water-park for Anna's 5th birthday!) and I want everyone to be HEALTHY and NOT COUGHING.

/4/ Speaking of snow day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the kids. But the kids fought ("I want to play with it! It's mine!") and bickered ("You are stupid!") and I just couldn't keep my inner zen. So not too much quality time was spent...but I did clean the kitchen floor and put a nice dinner on the table.

/5/ I left my project team at work (won't go into details) and my old teammates all chipped in and got me an $100 Amazon gift card. So, so sweet. Totally unnecessary and unexpected, but I will take it :) My first thought was, "Free money! I am going to buy something that I want, just for me." But then I thought about it some more....umm what do I want? I still can't think of anything 4 days later. So the money is just sitting in my account right now and I will probably end up spending it on something boring and practical like paper towel or toilet paper. #iamsuchamom
/6/ I am excited to be registering Anna for kindergarten very soon! I've already filled out the paperwork...just need to attend the orientation in mid-March and then make an appointment with the school to submit it. Wow, real legit school. I can't believe my little girl is about to reach another major milestone.


  1. Ah hope you feel better soon! And hopefully this will be the last of the snow! Eep!

    1. Should be! Next week is in the mid 40s and then that will take us into mid-March. As you said on your blog, 14 days till spring!

  2. Sorry about the lingering cough. That sucks! Hope everyone is well in time for Anna's party!!!!! And we also don't have snow gear for the kids. What's wrong with us, LOL! I just don't feel like shilling that much money for boots and pants that they will only wear ONCE. I just found out when the kindergarten orientation is around us. AHHHHHHHHHHH.

  3. Two words - Snow Blower. Next year for sure...

  4. That was a ton of snow - I got nearly 10 inches... fortunately, it was fluffy stuff and not too soggy...


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