PA Dutch Country Weekend Trip: Turkey Hill Experience

Finally, the last leg of our long weekend trip was a short stop at Turkey Hill Experience on the way home. We told the kids they could eat all the ice cream they want and there was cheers all around!!

The regular admission for Turkey Hill Experience is about $10/person, but we saved $3 per ticket by buying them on CertifiKid. However, having now visited the place, I will say that even with the discount, $7 is steep for what you get. Luckily, kids 4 and under are free. So, yay!
The whole family's favorite part was the unlimited ice cream samples. There were 16 flavors to choose from -- I am surprised that the kids didn't eat more than one scoop, but I, on the other hand, ate 3. What a great lunch :)
Once we finished our treats, we watched a short film on the making of ice cream at Turkey Hill and went through some interactive, hands-on exhibits. The main focus of the exhibits was the 3-step process of using computers to design your own ice cream flavor, design the packaging, and film a commercial...but my little kids just had fun running around (there was a small ball pit that they loved! and a slide!) and pushing buttons. I ended up designing my own ice cream flavor and, before we left, just for fun, Anna made a little commercial.

Would we come back to Turkey Hill Experience? Maybe? The kids will definitely get more out of it once they know how to read. I would also love to try the Taste Lab option.

Now We Need a Summary:

Fave: Everything we did at Dutch Country
Yuck: Long drive to Crayola Experience

Fave: Buggy ride, all the pies, Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop, crispy noodles at Saigon Cafe, dessert at Dienner's
Yuck: Crayola Experience

ANNA (age 4, almost 5)
Fave: Crayola Experience
Yuck: Buggy ride ("It was too long")

WILL (age 3)
Fave: "Staying in the hotel where it is warm"
Yuck: Buggy ride

I thought they would get a kick out of riding in a buggy!

Anyway, overall, a great trip. Can't wait to go back and spend more time at Dutch Country!


  1. Interesting, the mixed reviews on the Crayola Experience. And LOL on Will just wanting to stay inside. That'd be my 4.5 yr old's review too. Stay-in and watch TV on the comfy hotel bed. I'd love to visit the Turkey Hill place. So it's along the route between here and Lancaster?

    1. haha, yes. Will associates hotel with unlimited tablet time. Sigh. Yup, Turkey Hill is about 20 minutes from Lancaster, on the route home, half way between York and Lancaster.

  2. Meh...that pretty much sums up my view on this ice cream stop. I actually find it more enjoyable to browse the frozen food isles of a Walmart than this place. Why did we go here again?

  3. Laffs@FatherTime.

    Wally world ice cream isn't "handmade".....


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