monday morning catch ups.

/1/ There was a glitch in transferring my domain name (read: I didn’t click on the link that says “CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO TRANSFER” – whoops!), but after a week offline, my blog is officially back in business. Did you all miss me? Ummm..did anyone even notice that I was gone...? Anyway, if you are reading this using a reader, please click on over to the page today. I gave the old blog a very much needed facelift and I must say I am loving it. All it really took was some switcheroo in font and color, but what I got was a sleeker modern design. More suitable for this 30-something blogger. Luke helped with the family avatar. At first we were going to outsource the job, but he found an app. Anna and Will helped in customizing their own little person. We like the final result!

/2/ I actually recapped our trip to PA Dutch Country while I was offline. There were 4 posts, read them here -- 1, 2, 3, and 4.

/3/ Happy Year of the Sheep! I usually document the occasion with pictures of yummy food and kids receiving red envelopes. This year, however, we missed Luke’s side of the family’s reunion dinner because we were in Dutch Country. And because of the snow this weekend, our plan to visit family didn’t pan out. We usually usher in CNY without much fanfare anyway, this this year was even quieter. At least Will got to celebrate with his classmates last Thursday. He made a little sheep craft and received a red envelope with stickers inside (courtesy of me, by the way. the teacher asked for my help.)
/4/ Remember this picture of our baby guppies from last October? Well, those didn’t survive. This is actually our THIRD batch of guppy babies and I am happy to say that we have 5 healthy and growing guppies that can be released into the big tank any day now.
our baby guppies are doing great
/5/ We were snowed-in this weekend so I busted out my Lego Friends stash from the basement. I was going to wait until her 5th birthday, but really all Anna wants for her birthday is the pink butterfly dress that she saw in a catalog. Anyway, she has never been much of a builder so I mostly did it for her (i had so much fun though. and no, not being sarcastic!), but later she spent hours playing with the finished set. Just love her imagination, but next time I am making her help more.
Anna's first big kid Lego
By the way, how do you keep your Lego pieces straight? All in one container or different containers for different sets? I have, like, 5 more boxes in the basement and am really worried that the pieces will get all mixed up.

/6/ As of today, the kids are all set for summer 2015. It’s such a happy news that both kids will be attending the summer program at Anna’s current school. Then after summer is over, Anna moves on to public school and Will stays for the school year. Last summer, it pained me that the kids were just going to an in-home daycare. I love the daycare and all, but summer should be about fun in the sun. I am excited that they will get to have themed weeks, craft time, parties, and parades this summer. We are also taking advantage of the two-week tuition-free option, so we will definitely have two weeks of family vacation too!


  1. Hey Joyce! Welcome back! I don't think you were gone long enough for me (who is in-and-out) to notice. But I do LOVE the avatars & new blog update. Very cool! Can't wait to read about your Dutch Country adventures! And yay for both enrolled in summer programs. With our Au pair leaving in March, we were able to secure both kids spots in different daycares.

    1. thanks!! I am looking forward to one drop off and one pick up. Of course, it will only last for 12 weeks...

  2. Father (I need a back transplant) TimeFebruary 24, 2015 at 6:42 AM

    Wow, all that happened upon our return to our little Vienna home? I guess I've just been too preoccupied with so many other shoveling snow! I would like to announce one sad thing. Our stockpile of firewood is officially gone. Time to keep an eye out on Craigslist for some free wood...

  3. The new blog design looks great! My girls love Lego Friends. We keep the constructed houses in wooden serving trays on our coffee table and the loose pieces in a storage box. They are always rebuilding and changing things. Congrats on getting your summer plans squared away!


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