the children, winter 2015

It's time for another edition of Anna and Will update. These posts take a while to write, but they are also my favorite ones to read over, again and again. In 2015, I hope to write more posts on the kids to help me remember this stage of our lives. I am shooting for once a quarter. If I post frequent enough, I won't feel that I need to write a novel each time.
T H E  B R O :: The most notable thing since my last update is that Will no longer climbs into our bed in the middle of the night. I can’t even remember when he started doing it because he did it for so long, but the habit was actually pretty easy to break. One night after books, we just told him, “Will, you stay in your bed tonight. No more coming over to Mama bed.”

And, guess what? He listened.

Sometimes I do miss his little body curled up against mine, but both Luke and I are getting a much better sleep and I know Will is too.

Other than than, Will is pretty much still the same cool kid. He drives us crazy sometime and is a constant pest to his sister, but I guess that's the job of a little brother. He doesn't always like being told what to do, but using skittles as bribe does the trick. Hehe.
T H E  S I S :: Since I just did a post on Anna last month, there isn't much else to add. She continues to love love love school. I don’t know how those teachers managed to turn her around, but I am forever grateful. She’s also getting good at reading and can sound out any 3-letter combinations. On average, she reads a Primary Phonics book to me every night. It used to be painful reading with her, but now I am amazed at her ability. I remember her teachers telling me that their goal is for students to be reading at first grade level by the end of school year. I hope that happens for her!

Anna is very curious and asks tons of questions. On Monday, she said, "Can you tell me about Dr. King?" And then we had a conversation about MLK and the impact he made to the country. Last week, on the way to school, she asked, "How come the moon is still up in the morning?" That time I had to refer her to Luke because honestly? I have no clue :p

She's a sponge and knows a lot. This morning, Will commented, "The trees are bare because of winter." And she responded, "Except for evergreens!"

Personality-wise, one of her teachers told me that Anna has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun. Both very good things.

S I B L I N G  L O V E :: Most of the time, Anna and Will play together very well. We just had a very cold and rainy weekend and they spent most of it at home. Sure we watched two movies - Bolt and Wall-E - but for the rest of the time, they interacted so well and hardly argued. It's so great that they have each other as playmates and leave us the parents in peace.

They make up lots of silly jokes that aren't really funny but hilarious to them ("Hey Will, lets pretend we are bad eaters!" "OK! HAHAHAHAHA!!"). Most of the time, they are best friends and say that they are going to marry one another when they grow up, but they do get into daily squabbles. Luckily both of them are quick to forgive and after a "sorry" all is forgotten. I just love listening in on their conversations and watching their relationship blossom. It's one of the best things about being a parent.
D A I L Y  S C H E D U L E:: Now that both kids sleep and STAY in their own bed at night, as soon as their toddler clock turns green at 6:30, they bounce over and hop in bed with me, one on each side. I think they really enjoy the morning snuggles so even if I do wake up early, I stay in bed and wait for them :) We cuddle and chit-chat before getting up for the day. Then we all get dressed, cook and eat breakfast, and they get a morning show.

At around 8:20ish, Luke helps the kids get ready and loads them into the car. We drive away at around 8:30. I drop off Will first at curbside -- so easy and convenient. Next is Anna’s school, which I have to walk her in, but it’s not bad since it’s just me and her. Finally, 30 minutes after we all left home, I arrive at the office. I am thankful that all the places I need to go on a daily basis is all within a couple of miles of home.

In the evening, we are all home by 5:15, earlier if Luke does the pick ups and I just head straight home after work. In the three precious hours we have together before bedtime, we squeeze in lots of activities. The most stressful/annoying time is getting dinner on the table and eating. But after clean up, my patience level goes up a notch. Right now, I make an effort to sit down with Anna for her to read to me. And after bath, I make sure that we read at least one or two stories before they are off to bed. The kids are usually in bed by 8 and then the adults have the rest of the night free.

That's it for this edition....until next time!


  1. I love those super sweet striped pajamas! Sounds like you guys have a great daily routine. Nice job on all those puzzles!

  2. So great that Will listened and doesn't climb into your bed in the middle of the night. I remember I had to put my foot down with J (and my husband) about J staying in his room until morning. It was a tough 1 or 2 nights, but I'm so glad I can get uninterrupted sleep!

  3. So much work and so little reward. Why did we flip our simple life upside down again?


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