Snowman Juice Box

All my free time has been taken over by this show, but I did do something crafty last night!

For Anna's holiday day party at school, I am bringing juice boxes. But instead of leaving them the way they are (so plain and boring), I decided to dress them up for the holidays.
Here are the supplies I used, but there are so many other options. Googly eyes, buttons, ribbons, just to name a few. However, I highly recommend using construction paper for the wrapper - copier paper is too thin and cardstock might be too thick.
It took me about an hour to crank out 16 snowman juice boxes. At first I was doing them one by one, but eventually I created a little assembly line and that was much more efficient. Oh, just a note that I removed the straws in the back so I could cover the juice boxes completely. *Must remember to bring the straws and put them next to the juice boxes the day of the party* However I have seen people covering just the front or just the front and sides.
Anna found them super cute and I hope her classmates will like them too!


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