“hey, he didn’t finish the cookie!”

That was what Will said when he saw that Santa left a tiny piece of cookie on the plate. I told him that Santa was in a rush to get to other kids’ houses so couldn't finish.

He bought it.

Anyway, how was your Christmas day? Ours wasn't too bad! Shortly after 6:30a, Anna came bouncing to our bed. We snuggled for a bit, but she couldn’t wait any longer to go downstairs to check if Santa came to our house. I gave her the green night and she went running and was thrilled to find that Santa ate the cookie and left her an unicorn toy under the tree! Just what she asked for, haha. Will came down a few minutes later and was thoroughly confused by the commotion, but was happy that Santa brought him the robot he wanted.

By then since we were all gathered, we went ahead and tore into the presents!

Anna said Santa brought her the best toy. One little beanie baby made her soooo happy.
Hubs’ favorite present were the nuts. It was either that or chips, haha.
As for me, I love love LOVE the 2015 calendar Anna made at school. It features 12 of her original artwork! We actually didn't have a calendar for the new year so this was perfect.
The rest of the morning was spent playing with various new toys (including this very long board game), but the highlight was taking this new jeep out for a drive (my brother Andy specializes in giving the biggest toys). Anna is a pro already. Will needs more practice.
And I also got a decent picture with me in it! And a couple of cute ones of the kiddos :)
In the evening, we hosted both sides of our family for dinner. Earlier in the afternoon when both kids were napping, I went out to a Chinese restaurant (the only type of restaurant that’s open on Christmas day) and bought 4 huge trays of food. Then everyone else brought a dish or two to share. It was plenty of food for 16 people and we still have leftovers. This year Luke wanted to make the house as Christmas-y as possible for the gathering so he got poinsettias and even lit a balsam & cedar scented candle :) Oh, we also had a flower arrangement for the center of the table so we really had some holiday cheer!

After dinner and dessert, then the kids opened more presents. Books, art supplies, puzzles. They were pleased and wanted to play with everything all at once.
I am most excited about Anna’s sticker maker. I am going to have so much fun with that.

So that was our Christmas day. There will be more get-togethers in the upcoming days as we still have family in town...so festivities continue on. Wishing your all a happy holiday season!


  1. While the unseasonably warm weather kinda killed the mood for XMas, the time spent with the kids and the extended families made for a wonderful day. XMas has just been "another day" for the longest time, but the kids make it special again. Just hope we're able to hold onto these magic moments as long as we can...

  2. Laffs. Such delightful and happy kids!!!!!

  3. I love the 2nd picture, everyone looks so happy. So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas! Happy new year!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Cute that you'll have fun with HER sticker maker :). What a nice Jeep! Wowee. So great that the weather was awesome to take it out for a spin! The calendar of her artwork is an EXCELLENT idea! I may steal :).


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