December Christmas-ing

Yesterday morning we made our traditional annual trip to see the National Christmas Tree in DC. We took a bunch of family selfies, but I like this picture the most. The kids are at that age where they will stand still and smile nicely at the camera for me.
This year our visit to see the trees was super short. Normally the state and territory trees surrounding the National Christmas Tree are decorated with ornaments…which takes time to look at…but this year they are only decorated with strings of lights. And only at dark, when the lights are on, you can see the different colors and patterns of the lights on the trees. It’s all part of Google’s Made with Code initiative, which I just learned about it myself. I am sure it’s very pretty at night when it is all lit up, but not much to see during the daytime, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I am glad we were able to carry this tradition on for another year :)

DC area locals -- If you are planning to make a trip to see the trees, I highly recommend going at night to make the trip worthwhile!
gingerbread village
Another Christmas activity we did yesterday was building a gingerbread village! It was the first time ever for our family! We used a kit that included everything so it was relatively simple + easy. The trickiest and most time-consuming part was building the little houses, which was Luke’s job. After the houses were built, the kids went at it and I got to assist, even though they both said they wanted to do everything themselves. The kids had lots of fun decorating (and eating the broken pieces)! We actually have another kit (gingerbread house), but Luke lost his momentum and said we will build it on Christmas day. We will see.

Lastly, posting this picture just because.
Happiness is new pjs.


  1. They're adorable in new PJs. Love the matching neon green/yellow! So great you have traditions. We have traditions but only do them every few years, LOL.

  2. Laffs. The pleasure of new PJs just shines through!!!


  3. the last pic is too cute. love their gingerbread houses!

  4. Been thinking about checking out the trees again at night, but damn, it's way too cold to do anything out there. And for the record, I don't care how disgusting it will be, I'm going to dunk those dust covered, stale cookie houses into a bowl of milk and stuff them into my face before the new year rolls over!


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