a list of books that the kids are reading / dec 2014

I keep on thinking about how last December we did so many Christmas activities, but so far this year we have practically done none. Nowadays, after getting home from work around 5, I head straight for the kitchen...who has the time to sit down with the kids and make hand-print reindeer or shaving cream snowman? I am still hoping to do a few fun things with the kids though, but in the meantime, we have been reading lots of Christmas books instead. Out of the many books we borrowed from the library, here are my top 10 picks!!
|1| The book follows the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen so the kids were already familiar with the story, but I love the Christmas twist on an old classic. Such a cute book with equally cute illustrations! The ending was a bit weird, but other than that, a good read :)

|2| Ever wonder what Santa was like as a child? This book tells you all about it. Easy to read and easy to understand – perfect for preschoolers. I don’t mind reading this one over and over.

|3| The message in this book is so sweet – it’s about how giving just keeps going. The story flows beautifully and has lovely illustrations to boot. It is a hit with my kids. Highly recommend.

|4| Santa is sad because Christmas is over, but in the end he learns that the spirit of Christmas doesn't have to last just one day, it can last throughout the year. Perfect holiday read, definitely a new favorite in our family!

|5| Not only this is a cute Christmas book, but it also teaches other things such as sequencing, perseverance, and building on skills. Another new favorite.
|6| I enjoyed |5| so much that I went back to the library and borrowed this one. The story is just as delightful and it helps the kids understand that faster isn't always better. Sometimes it’s the personal touches that makes something special.

|7| This is a sweet story written in rhyme with beautiful illustrations. It is a story of 10 mice who need to find shelter on Christmas night. They each find their own shelter but eventually come back together in a place where they can once again celebrate their love and friendship for each other. Awww.

|8| The timing of this book is perfect because Anna is just learning about Hanukkah at school. But beyond that, this heartwarming book shares a wonderful message of gratitude and generosity. Surely that's a message all parents hope their kids will take to heart.

|9| It's a lovely book that shows the joys of Christmas in a quiet way! Not my favorite of the bunch, but a quick read.

|10| What a fun book! The pictures are very eye catching and the story makes Anna (Will wasn't around) laugh and giggle.

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  1. What a cute round up! I''ll be sure to keep an eye out for these!

  2. Poor Santa - he really seems to get a lot abuse...

  3. I wish all books rhymed. Even a crappy story with stupid art can be overcome with some nice rhyming words. They're much more fun to read and I actually don't care if the kids pay attention.


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