2014 - A Review

Truthfully, 2014 wasn't all happy all the time for our little family, but reflecting back it was still a great year. Yes, the family went through some growing pains when we unexpectedly lost grandma-care and I went back to work full-time, but we came out of the other end mostly unscathed, and, dare I say, older and wiser.

We spent January trapped inside the house, first due to snow and then due to illness.
In February, we ushered in the Year of the Horse and had a snowy Valentine's Day at home. Anna and I made these awesome glow stick Valentines.
Anna turned 4 in March! We hosted a family birthday party at home to celebrate our favorite girl and her beloved bear. After the celebration ended, we faced the two biggest changes of the year -- the kids started daycare and I went back to work full-time.
After a very long winter, we welcomed April with open arms. We took the kids to a number of places -- from digging up dinosaur bones to hunting for eggs to viewing cherry trees to going on our first family hike!
In May, we watched Anna sing and dance as the cutest cowgirl and over the Memorial Day weekend, we took a little trip to Willamsburg.
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June was mostly spent vacationing. In the beginning of the month, Luke and I escaped to Aruba. Then we took a week of family vacation to (you guessed it!) Williamsburg. We went with friends and had a wonderful time soaking up some sun. In between those two trips, Anna finished up her second year of preschool.
Summer 2014 (July and August) was pale in comparison to Summer 2013. In 2013, I had a 4-day weekend every weekend and took the kids on lots of adventures. This year, they just went to daycare. I wrote about our daily summer schedule (morning and evening). Some of our summer highlights were: POTTY TRAINING, Baltimore, playgrounds and parks and creeks, carnival, and the Washington Monument. We also mulled over this tough decision all summer before finally deciding that it was a no-go.
September brought on the usual -- going back to school. Some of our fall fun included, Kings Dominiona wedding, pumpkins, apples, and zoo.
In October, we carved pumpkins. But then the whole house got hit with a stomach virus. At least we were all better by Halloween.
We went to Disney World in November for Will's 3rd birthday. Luke and I were both ridiculously sick all through it, but the kids had a wonderful, wonderful time. Then we had a very low-key Thanksgiving at home, just the 5 (dog included) of us.
Anna gave me the best present in December -- she finally decided that school wasn't bad after all! The year ended with Santa coming to our house and we hosting a warm and cozy Christmas at home.
Cheers to 2015!


  1. You had a busy, busy year! I hope 2015 brings you more fun adventures!

  2. It's always so good to look back on the year and take in the good, the not so good and the so so moments :) I hope there are many more exciting adventures and milestones for you and your family in 2015! Happy New Year!

  3. So great to look back on the year and remember all the great milestones and family times. Forget about the viruses ;). Kids grow so much in a year, huh?? Happy 2015!

  4. Looking back always helps us remember all those good memories and reminds us how blessed we are.. Wishing you a Happy 2015


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