Christmas Trees 2014

We definitely got the better end of the bargain when Luke’s sister decided to swap Christmas tree with us. In exchange for our Charlie Brown-ish one, we received something the complete opposite.
Meet our new-to-us tree. It’s 7 1/2-foot tall and 5 1/2-foot across. When we first took it out of the box, we were afraid that it might be too gigantic for our modest living room, but after it was all set-up, it actually fits quite nicely.

The tree swap happened about a week and half ago and, instead of taking the box down to storage, we decided to just go ahead and put it up, even though it was still before Thanksgiving... So yes, our halls have been decked for a week now :)

As for the decorating process, it was the first year that both kids had a real active interest in helping us the entire time, and we even let them hang the breakable ornaments. I am happy to say that zero ornaments were harmed in the making of this tree, and although it was more chaotic with the kids, I was glad that we involved them from start to finish.
Continuing with our tradition, we also put up the kids' tree in the family room. After the little tree went up, we let the kids do their thing and shut our mouths. Sure there are some unusual objects on that tree, but it's most definitely their own creation. The first thing they do after coming down the stairs every morning is turning on the lights. They love it!
Some of you might remember that last December I did something Christmas-y all 24 days leading up to Christmas with the kids. Since I am back to working full-time, that won't be happening again. But I am still hoping to make some new home-made ornaments this year, starting with a family of penguins that we made from a kit. They weren't actually meant to be ornaments, but with a hole punch and some ribbons, Anna got her wish.

Do you put up your Christmas tree early like me or wait until well into December?


  1. So cute they both got really involved this year! We aren't sure we're getting a tree since Baby O might be pulling stuff off it too much. We'll see. If we get one, it's always much later in Dec! Haha.

  2. Wowsers!! You certainly got a big step up in the Christmas Tree department!!!!

  3. So I'm anal about the placement of ornaments on the big tree. But I relinquish all control of the little kid tree, which I'm sure the whole household is grateful for. But I swear, that tree is starting to look like the bottom of a desk in elementary school. Those kids are just sticking everything into those branches...

  4. We usually get our tree the weekend after thanksgiving but since thanksgiving was so late this year, we got our tree the weekend right after. Our tree has been up for days now and I LOVE it. The smell, the lights... ahh christmas! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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