Pumpkin pumpkin big and fat...

Happy Columbus Day! School is closed and I have the day off too. If the weather holds up, my parents and I are going to Great Falls Park to hopefully catch the beginning of fall foliage. It's so nice to have an extra day off :)

This weekend we carved the tiny pumpkins we harvested from our yard. And this year, by "we," I am not completely lying. They kids actually sort-of participated. First I got them to pose with their pumpkins and make the faces they want the hubs to carve:
Then we put papers down on the table and got started. After Luke cut off the tops, we asked the two of them to help clean the inside. They were reluctant...although I definitely see improvement from last year. Anna daintily picked out the seeds one by one, but Will refused to lay one finger on it. He kept on saying, "Yuuuuuck!" So Luke scraped everything out for him with a spoon and left one seed inside and told Will to get that one seed out or else no jack-o-lantern for him. Instead of reaching in, he turned the pumpkin over and dumped the seed out. Haha. So yup, he helped too.

Then Luke carved and Anna entertained us with a rhyme she learned at school.

Anna decided she wanted a little smirk and, of course, Will's is his signature wink-y eye smile. We put the jack-o-lanterns in the kids room, as an additional night light for them. I am glad the kids swiped those battery-operated lights from Uncle Paul's wedding :) So useful they turned out to be.
So did you carve pumpkins this year yet? After Halloween I am going to hit up Target and see if I can find any no-carving decorating kits on sale...will have to try those next year!


  1. Haha I love the smirk and the wink! How cute! We did not carve our pumpkins this year, mostly because I think baby girl is still too young to appreciate it... and partly because we got lazy (sshh!). :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. this is so sweet. how lovely! I can't wait to do this one day. =)

  3. i thought my son would love carving, but he hates the smell and would rather not touch the guts, lol. i end up doing all the work!

    1. Not wanting to touch the guts must be a thing among kids!

  4. such cute kids! we're hopefully carving pumpkins this weekend!

  5. Will is smart. :)

    Cool Jack o Lanterns!!

    If I had a kid or two, I'd carve one with them!

  6. What a cute rhyme and the pumpkins are so cuuuuuuute! Good idea to find cheap non-carving jack o lanterns stuff after Halloween!


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