Princess Belle and Knight on Halloween 2014!

Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. It's so fun to watch the kids anticipate Halloween with such delight. This morning, Anna asked to go to school. Seriously, that never happens. Even Will, who has recently been having a hard time with separation didn't make a peep today. It was like he knew something special was happening.

Anyway, happy happy Halloween from our little Princess Belle and Knight!

It took Anna 4.5 years, but she finally caught on the princess fever. When I asked what she wanted to be this Halloween months ago, she said, "Belle in the yellow dress." I got a cheapo Belle dress, only $15. The quality shows, but Anna was as happy as can be in the dress. And I don't have to worry about her ruining it. As for Will, I am not sure where he got the idea of a knight from, but he was adamant about it too. Unlike the monkey suit from last year, he happily put on his armor and helmet again and again.

The kids both had their Halloween party and parade this morning at school, which I will write about it in another post, but tonight we went trick-or-treating around my friend's neighborhood!

Together with Mikey and Princess Aurora, the kids went from door to door and had a blast through it all. I think Anna is at the perfect age for trick-or-treating. She knew just exactly what to do and did it so well -- went straight to the door, rang the bell, yelled "trick-or-treat!", said "thank you!", and off she went to the next house.
I think we went to every. single. house. that was open for business. It took us about 40 minutes and by the end their jack-o-lantern buckets were FULL. Very fun times.
I love this picture of Anna below.

How was your Halloween night? Hope it was safe and full of sugar!


  1. Looks like your kids had a lot of fun! Will makes a great Knight! and Anna a lovely Princess!

  2. Cute set of photos at the top! Poor Anna got her finger chopped by the knight :(. Glad the kiddos were excited and had fun. Halloween is becoming one of my favorite holidays too. Probably because I had as much this year as the kids :).

  3. Seeing Anna rush door to door for trick-or-treat was amazing. I still remember when she was too afraid to even walk up to a stranger's porch. Will had the same amount of energy, but he short little legs and armor slowed him down. Experiencing that nite was definitely a parental perk.


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