Wedding Crashers

(Okay not really because we were actually invited, but it made a good post title.)

This past weekend we attended the wedding of a very good friend!

Here is my fine-looking family :) Too bad we didn't think to get a family's rare that we all get dressed up.
The kids and I actually skipped the ceremony because there was no way I was going to handle two kids on my own while Luke performed his best man duties (he had to be there several hours before the ceremony and there was a two-hour gap between the ceremony and reception and it was at a church AND it was raining - yes, NO FREAKING WAY). So instead we had a nice relaxing morning at home - my parents came over and I went grocery shopping solo and then we all went out to eat for my birthday! Then hubs came back to pick us up just when the kids woke up from their nap and off went went to "Uncle Paul's Party."

The reception was at a historic house in Old Town Alexandria, held outside under a tent with twinkling lights. The hardest part for the kids (and me) was waiting for the food because they were so hungry, but once they were fed, the party started. They had a really really good time. They danced, they laughed, they were soooooo cute.

I have another video of the hubs and the kids on the actual dance floor, but he probably won't appreciate me posting that so here is one of Anna:

Haha, she was kind of happy.

I hadn't given any thought on what to wear until the morning of the wedding. I dug this dressed out from the closet - 10 years and 2 kids later - still fits. OK, a bit snug :p
Uncle Paul is one of my favorite friends of hubs. He has a way with the kids and although we don't see him often, the kids warm up to him immediately each time.
Congratulations Paul and Jean! Have a very happy marriage!


  1. What a looong Saturday...but it was totally worth it to be there and see my friend get hitched. Also seeing the kids enjoy themselves was another bonus. And of course, no matter how old that dress is, Joyce always looks good in it!

  2. looks like everyone had a good time

  3. Such fun! Look at all the smiles! And you look great Joyce!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time :) A fine looking family indeed! - Eva

  5. Glad you all had fun!!!! Too bad about not getting a family photo. I always regret that later too!


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