That time when we grew sunflowers and harvested the seeds.

Before Summer 2014 fades into a distance memory, I want to write about these sunflowers.

I distinctly remember it was Easter weekend when we planted those sunflower seeds (I posted about it here) and I said something like, "it would be so exciting if they really pop!" Ha, boy DID they?! Once they sprouted, they started growing taller and taller than we ever imagined. I had never seen such towering sunflowers as the ones in front of our house this summer. They reached our bedroom window.

Then they finally flowered and those were humongous too.
But sadly a storm came through one day in early August and we came home to find all the sunflowers knocked down. I was too busy with the kids to deal with the mess outside so Luke took care of it when he came home. It was fortunate that he did because I would have tossed them in the trash, but Luke saved the large flower heads -- said he was going to wait for them to dry and harvest the seeds. That guy is a wealth of knowledge and ideas :)

So a week or two later, once they were dried, he and Anna, sat out in the back, rubbed the seeds out one by one. It was like pulling little individual kernels from the cob. Anna was really into helping. It was a great hands-on learning experience. For me too. We cracked open the shells and ate a couple as we worked. It felt great eating from our garden! Living off our land!
remember those giant sunflowers?  we are picking the seeds and eating them!
Our bounty! We harvested all seven flower heads and had enough seeds to fill up a big zip lock bag. We ended roasting them and the hubs loved having them as snacks.
When we planted the seeds in the spring, I expected to get some yellow blooms in the front yard but what we got was much more. What a fun (and educational) activity it turned out to be - from digging holes in the ground to cracking open the shells with our teeth. We plan to do it again next year and hope to see the same amazing result!


  1. That was a great experience for the kids. Hope you get many pumpkins this fall!

  2. I'm just glad they eventually blossomed. For the longest time, it looked as if we had giant weeds on our porch. But now we year, we'll park these babies at the side of the house.

  3. Those are really tall sunflowers!! How did they taste? :)

  4. Wow what did you feed those sunflowers?!! We planted some but only one bloomed :( ours did snap in half after a bad summer storm so it only grew to about 5 feet. We were amazed how it regrew and bloomed another flower. We haven't harvested ours yet… hmm something I'll have my kids help out haha sounds like a lot of work. - Eva

    1. Nothing! Just water. Maybe we just got a good batch of seeds.


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