School Time!!

It’s the day after Labor Day so that means it’s back to school time for us!

I am feeling a bit of sadness and excitement as I send both kids off to school this year. Seriously where did the time go? My little Will is starting school for the very first time in his life and big-girl Anna is enrolled in a full-day program!

This morning I continued our “Back to School” photo tradition at the front of our house.

His smile kills me...
And Anna with her sweetest face...
As I mentioned, Anna is going to a new school this year. She technically should be in the 4’s class (pre-k), but she’s actually in the school’s kindergarten class. Back in late July, we heard from the school that they had openings in its kindergarten class and was looking for older 4’s to fill the spots. We had planned for her to return to her old school, but this seemed like a good opportunity. The program is definitely more rigorous (with reading, writing, math, science, social studies, PE), but I think Anna is capable of handling it. She will be exposed to a lot more at the new school and be much more prepared for public school next year. The only downside is an additional drop-off and pick-up for this working mama, but if she’s happy and learning, it's worth it. Oh, I also signed her up for after-school ballet too!
So how did my students do on their first day?

Will walked right in and never looked back. His teacher said that he had a great day of smiling and singing. I am not naive to think that this transition will be without bumps, but I am hoping that a good first day is an indication of a smooth year.
As for Anna, of course there were some tears. BUT when I picked her up, I saw her laughing and jumping at the playground and she excitedly told me about her day. I will take it.
Lets hope that this is a wonderful year for all!!


  1. I like that photo of grinnin' Will with the frog(?) backpack and the doggy in the window!! :)

    I hope your children have a great school year!

  2. So far so good, no crazy meltdowns. Well, not as far as the kids are concerned. Papa kinda blew his top today when the little boy decided to forego the convenience of a toilet and wait till he was in the parking lot to tell me he needed to pee. This was promptly followed by a puddle on the ground, which led to wet shorts/socks/shoes/car seat and a pissed off parent. So there you go, that was day 2...

  3. What a lovely and adorable family! It's crazy how time flies when we are having fun! Congratulations on your two tiny tots!

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  4. That's great to hear that they both enjoyed their first day! My girls started first grade and their first week went well... they are in separate classes for the first time (they requested it and we thought it was a good idea too) and seem to really enjoy it. Let's hope the rest of the year goes just as well for our little ones!


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