Eight Little Pumpkins

Remember our accidental pumpkin patch? Well, it was harvest time!!
Here is Anna holding up the very first pumpkin we harvested.
We ended up harvesting eight pumpkins, all around the same size. Unfortunately, they never got any bigger than a small pumpkin you would buy at the store, no matter how long we waited. Luke cut the pumpkins from the vine and got rid of the thorns (so many thorns...) and the kids had fun bringing them inside and decorating the house with them. It now feels like fall in our little home. We still have a couple (maybe 5?) growing but I noticed that with the cooler weather, the growth has definitely slowed down so I just hope they make it to maturity.
I have enjoyed watching the pumpkins grow. Every morning, while Luke got the kids in the car, I would take a stroll to the patch and count pumpkins. It gave me so much joy whenever I saw new little green pumpkins forming. Haha, loved it.


  1. 8 pumpkins....that's great!

  2. Very nice harvest! And it's the little things in life that give us joy. How wonderful!

  3. The little pumpkins are little kid size!!!

  4. Update: Checked the patch this morning and it looked like the deer had a feast. There are only 3 pumpkins left, barely hanging on...


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