apple picking @ homestead farm (aka the best farm ever!)

Luke and I have our differences, but I love that we are on the same page when it comes to getting an early start to avoid the masses. On Saturday morning, as soon as my mom arrived to our house, we were on the road by 8:45 for our apple picking outing. By the time we parked on the dirt road, we were one of the first few cars there and the weather was still nice and cool.

It wasn’t long before we wheeled the kids to the orchard... (last year)
and started picking (and tasting) apples.

We started out with Fuji (they were small so perfect for the kids/Anna to take to school), then Granny Smith (we turned them into apple pies later that afternoon), and Jonagold (which were huge and delicious looking).
Since you save 40 cents a pound once it is over 20 pounds, my mom insisted we kept on picking. In total, we ended up picking over 33 pounds!

As always, we visited some farm animals. There was virtually no typical farm smell so even Anna liked it. I think both of them let this goat lick their hands.
The kids then climbed and jumped on bales of hay while the adults sat and watched from far away. The hubs zoomed in to get this shot.
And this cut out board was perfect for the grand kids and grandma.
Apple picking is such a quintessential fall activity and I am glad we were able to do it again this year. Definitely will come back to Homestead Farm's a great place catered to families with young kids. I had wanted to do blueberry or peach picking this summer, but it never happened. Maybe next year! Oh and I would love to take advantage of the picnic tables available and eat lunch here one day.


  1. Show us what you did with 30+ lbs of apples. Whoa! Good thing you had a wheel barrel!!!

    1. My mom took at least half of it home with her. Then the next day when we visited the hubs' parents, we took a bunch over too. We turned some into apple pies. The rest we are just going to eat them as they are. Apples last forever as long as they are in the fridge, I think. Last year it lasted for weeks.

      Also? I miss your blogging. Come back.

    2. Oh yea, you did mention pies in the post! I think pies are so hard to make, so kudos to you! Apples do last a long time!!! And you're so sweet for beckoning me back to blogging :). I really do hope to be getting back to it. Just busy and tired and enjoying being lazy, hehe.

  2. I love Granny Smiths!!

    Smiles at the letting the goat lick them.... :)

  3. Yup, this farm is on our list of annual stops. Definitely don't mind the drive too much. Especially not when we can have a lot of good eats afterwards.


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