We went up the Washington Monument!

So just like the title said, we went up the Washington Monument!
The Washington Monument was recently re-opened to visitors after being closed for repairs for the last few years. Since 3 out of the 4 of us had never been to the top, I thought it would be a fun summer activity for the family. In the past, I believe you could only get tickets on the same day at the ticket office near the Monument, but now they offer advance reservations online. I figured with little kids, I better just fork over the $8.50 (4 tickets, for service charge and s&h) so we could plan ahead. It was well worth it because the trip went very smoothly :)

I made the reservations online about a month ago and picked the earliest weekend available, hoping the weather would cooperate. And it did. As you can see from the photos, the sky was overcast, with heavy fluffy clouds. This meant that the pictures turned out less than stellar, but it also meant that the kids didn’t whine about being hot so I consider that a WIN.
Anyway, we arrived in DC just around 9:45 and found a parking spot right along Constitution (that never happens!), right in front of the Monument (pretty nuts!). By the time we meandered our way to the waiting area, with a few picture breaks in between, it was just after 10 and our entry time wasn’t until 10:30. We scooted over to the correct waiting area and….waited. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait the whole 30 minutes. I remember specifically that we were inside the Monument, waiting for the next elevator, at 10:22 :)
It was definitely cool to be up 500 feet above the city. We took in some pretty views of the notable landmarks of DC.

Below is the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, and WWII Memorial:
And here is the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin:
The kids weren't tall enough to look out the windows, so the hubs picked them up, one in each arm. Looking around, they were definitely the youngest visitors. I hope they remember this unique experience!
Have you been up to the top?


  1. Yay you got to go! I love the aerial shots. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial looks like it's glowing. Spectacular!! I've only been up there once.

  2. Wow! What a view! I think I was up to the top once when I was really little - but am not sure. One would think the memory would stick - but it was many years ago (40+) that my grandfather took me to DC on a trip to see the sights.


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