Our Accidental Pumpkins

Well, this is exciting….we are (accidentally) growing pumpkins!

Apparently a couple of weeks ago (months?) Luke noticed something growing in our yard. Since I rarely go to the side of our house, I was oblivious to the whole thing...until he told me about it a few days ago:
So how did it all happen? We suspect it was the handiwork of a chipmunk who lives under our house. He must had gotten into our old pumpkin from last fall and somehow "planted" the seeds. Now Luke grew up growing all kinds of vegetables and fruits in his backyard, so this is no big deal to him. But I AM THRILLED :) Since he told me, I have been visiting our little pumpkin patch every day, petting each and every pumpkin, whispering sweet nothings. Haha.

So far, I see two orange pumpkins. They are about about the size of a small pumpkin already so it's making me very anxious to see what magnificent pumpkins they will become in a month or two.
I also counted five of this green variety growing:
As I said, I am pretty excited. I can't believe all this has grown without much of an intentional care from us. Nature is a beautiful thing. I am soooo looking forward in watching them grow, watching the kids watching them grow :) What a great learning opportunity this is for them (and for me). Of course, not having to buy pumpkins this fall is a nice bonus too!


  1. :) It has been a pretty good year for the "growing things"!! "Accidental Pumpkins" sounds like a neat book title ... or even the name of a rock band!

  2. I'm still not sold on all this. I'm worried what will happen to the grass underneath. And what's the lawn guy gonna do? Just hope they don't weed whack the little fellas.

  3. What a great accident! Hope they turn out big and round for carving :).

    1. Me too. The latest count of this morning is 8 pumpkins :) Some of the green ones are slowly turning orange too.

    2. Oh and I don't think they will turn out too big. The orange ones haven't grown any bigger and the greens are already turning orange so I think they are done growing too.


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