This is how we vacation.

Since coming back, many people have asked what the heck we did in Williamsburg for A WHOLE WEEK. I don’t blame them for being curious. Before I had kids, I would never have considered using my precious PTO on somewhere like Williamsburg. Snooze-ville right? If I had to use my vacation time, it had better be for somewhere far and away! But now with kids in tow, Williamsburg is easily our destination of choice. We pack up, pile into our van, and drive three hours to escape the hustle and bustle of real’s perfection. As I mentioned, this time we stayed at my friend’s timeshare. We treated them to two dinners in exchange of a week’s stay. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me ;) So not only we had a great vacation, it was cheap to boot!

(And just as a side note: we vacationed at the Outer Banks and Myrtle Beach before and while those are probably more popular choices, the long drive just isn’t worth it for us. Yes the beaches are bigger and better, but when the kids are ages 4 and 2.5, a tiny stretch of sand is all they need to make them happy.)
So what exactly did we do each day? Well, this is our recipe of success. We all wake up sleepily, get dressed, and have breakfast at home. Then we head out for our morning activity, to the pool/beach/river, between 9:30 to 9:45. We come back, get clean, and eat a late lunch (Chinese take-out/leftovers). Then we all nap, usually beginning at around 2, which is much later than their normal nap time at home. Kids wake up after 5 and then we do something in the evening (out to dinner, shopping at the outlet, playground, stay home, pool, etc). Then bath, books, and sleep! So as you can see, we kept it very low key -- just one or two activities a day and we made sure to give the kids (and us!) the opportunity to nap and recharge instead of running around all day.

So this is how we vacation, you?


  1. Sigh...I guess I'll get my Busch Gardens adventure some other time then...

  2. This sounds like the perfect vacation schedule to me! We like to keep things low key too. :)

  3. I can't believe both kids still nap!!!! Jealous! We are pretty low key too. Definitely no more than 2 things a day. Not only are the kids tired, but I am too. I'm no spring chicken.

    1. We make Anna nap when she's at home with us, but she hardly naps at daycare. She can definitely do without, but I need my free time so I make her lay down and she falls asleep...


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