The End of Will's Potty Training Saga

(I am following the same format as last time – this is a post about potty training, but with pictures from our weekend inserted.)

Potty training Will has got to be one of the easiest things I have done as a parent. The entire process was easy, calm, and…have I mentioned easy?

I already recapped Days 1-3 here. On Day 4, we sent him to daycare for the first time in underwear with extra pairs in his backpack. I asked our daycare lady to put him on the potty every 30-45 minutes, but he ended up having two accidents that day. It was pretty discouraging since he had none on Day 3! On Day 5, he had one accident at home (while waiting for Anna to get off the potty) and one at daycare. On Day 6, he woke up dry from his sleep and had no accident all day! On Day 7, he had one accident at daycare. And started on Day 8, he has been accident free!

Although we taught Will how to use the potty by putting him on it every x minutes, he has actually learned to TELL US when he needs to go. This is why I can confidently claim that he’s 99.99% trained! Yes we do still make him go before we leave the house or remind him if it’s been a really long time, but for the most part, he’s independent about the timing. So great!

Now about our weekend. On Day 9, we took a long trip to Grandma's house. Will did just fine and we left with bags of vegetables and herbs from Grandma's garden. On the way home, we stopped for lunch and then to the library to turn in our completed Summer Reading Program. It felt good to have that checked off on the Summer Fun List!
After we got home and napped, we set the kids up for some water play in our screen-in porch. Below is an example of a poor man's version of swimming pool. The kids sure still had fun, though. This was also when I realized that Will knows to tell us when he needs to go because he stopped TWICE during water play to say that he needed to pee. From that point on, I stopped taking him to the potty every x minutes.
On Sunday, Day 10, my parents and I took the kids to Burke Lake Park...
and I got this great shot of the kids. I love candid shots but it's also nice to have a picture of them both smiling and looking at the camera. I still don't know what came over them. Usually when I ask for a picture, I get two kids either running in opposite directions or acting really goofy.
Being out and about this weekend -- using public potties and having no accidents -- made me really comfortable in taking Will out in his underwear. It's a good thing because we are going on an overnight trip in a few days!

I can't believe that it was only a weekend ago that we were in the thick of potty training and now we are all done. We've all heard that potty training boys are harder and I was so worried about it. Well, I am here to say that it was PAINLESS. Also, just because you have a boy, it doesn't mean that you have to delay potty training (which admittedly, I did).

But anyway, I am so proud of my boy. He was so quick in learning everything. Congratulations Will! You did it! What an accomplishment :)


  1. Congratulations to both Will and Mommy for a successful and stress-free potty training! After doing that for our son, I also was pleasantly surprised as how easy it was, along as the kid was ready. And yep, if he's able to recognize when he has to go, you're golden! Reminding them to potty before leaving the house is something *I* have to get into the habit of doing though.

    1. It's easy for me to remember because before they put on their shoes, I get them to potty first.

  2. Hiyee! So did you make that album for Anna? See, told ya I'd check up on ya!

    1. Hiya! I did! I picked 20 pictures and sent them to Walgreens to print. I will pick them up later and put them in an album that I already have :) Mission accomplished. Thanks for keeping me honest.

  3. It's still slowly sinking in that Will is roaming around in undies now. Next thing you know, they'll be on bikes or roller skates or cars or planes... Time marches on...


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