An Overnight Trip to Baltimore: Part 2

The dragon paddle boat ride was my favorite part of our Baltimore trip. Just look at the view we had from the water:
Prior to dinner, we made a deal with the kids that if they behaved well, we would go on a boat ride afterwards. As I said, dinner went reasonably well so the entire family got to experience something new for the first time. I was psyched, the kids were psyched, Luke was meh about it but went for it anyway :)

Because the weight had to be balanced, Anna sat in the front with hubs and Will was in the back with me. And because only the people in the front could paddle, that meant the hubs did all the paddling, haha :) He got quite a workout. It was fun for the rest of us though. The kids couldn't stop beaming from ear to ear. They really liked it!
It was honestly a good family fun so I recommend this activity wholeheartedly, especially if you have little kids. I think the evening hours is the best time to go, when the sun is down for the day. Much cooler, much more enjoyable. As for the cost, it was $18 to rent the paddle boat for 30 minutes. I think we were out on the water for about 20 minutes...Luke was exhausted!
Now that the kids are older, I am not such a stickler about bedtime anymore, especially when we are away from home. So after the boat ride, we strolled around the Inner Harbor a bit and even walked the longer route (via a bridge) back to our hotel.
After we got back to the hotel, we showered and climbed into bed. I think it took all of us no longer than 10 minutes to fall asleep? It had been a long day. Oh yes, have I mentioned that our room was teeny tiny and it only had one bed? But even though it was a tight squeeze, we all slept soundly through the night.
To be continued.


  1. And now look at Will with the winky eye! Too cute! Tks for recommending the boat ride for little kiddos, though I might opt to do it at Rio since it's closer than Baltimore.

  2. Driving up there was a hassle, but once we got checked in, things settled into a nice rhythm. I don't think we'll ever brave the crowds to save a few bucks on that Port Discovery place. Actually, I'm dead positive we'll never go there again when it's overrun with kids and parents. But heading out and having a nice dinner and then floating around made the whole evening worth it.

    1. Yes we don't agree on many things, but I promise that I won't drag the family there for $2 night again.

  3. that is how we sleep too!
    we were in Baltimore a few years ago.. they have a really cool Visionary Arts Museum.. and i'm sure you checked out the aquarium. the paddle boats look fun

    1. Hi Hena, thanks for visiting my blog. We didn't go to the aquarium this time, but definitely have been there before!

  4. I'm going on a boat tide too - to see Fort McHenry and some lighthouses. Good think I won't have to peddle.


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