The Start of a Great Summer! We are in Williamsburg!

My coworker-turned-friend invited us to stay a week at his timeshare and how can we say no? So until Friday, we are here again in Williamsburg :) Seriously, we are practically locals by now, but we love this slower pace of life (i.e. perfect for kids) and uninterrupted family time (i.e. perfect for us). We have been looking forward to this vacation since January!
So far besides the pool, we haven't done anything that we couldn't have done at home :) Before we left home, we borrowed a bunch of library books and took them down here with us. Each night, we have been reading, just like we do at home. The kids finally finished their B&N summer reading program yesterday so we ran to the nearest B&N to redeem the free books. Such a fun rewarding program. If you didn't already know about it, I highly recommend it!
We also went to Sweet Frog for some fro yo. It was a perfect summer day to eat some cool treats outside. I adore Will's smile face. I want to capture as many of it as I can before he learns to smile for real, haha.
As I said, we are here with my coworker's family, staying at Williamsburg Plantation. He's got two girls, ages 1 and 3. They are in the downstairs unit and we are upstairs, completely separate living quarters. The kids get along fabulously and it's nice to have other adults to talk to. This is our first time vacationing with another family and so far loving it.
We don't have any day to day plans for this vacation. Just going to chill and roll with the punches :) But since we are here for a whole week, I do want to make a day trip to Virginia Beach. We have never been so it will be a first. I hope we can make it happen.

Cheers to a memorable vacation!


  1. So far so good, the kids haven't pushed my buttons...yet. Though I'm sure I'm going to blow my top several times this week and let the F bombs fly far and wide. But until then, life is good...

  2. What an awesome timeshare!!! And it is really nice to vacation with families with kids. Though I'm sure clashes or being too polite can also be a problem. Have a grand ol' time! Cute smiley by Will!

    1. I know what you mean about being too polite. We actually didn't end up spending TOO much time together. We went to the beach/river twice together and had dinner twice as well. Then we just saw each other at the pool. Other than that, we did things separately. They went to Colonial Williamburg and asked if we wanted to go, but we declined, so it wasn't hard to say no either. Overall, I really enjoyed this vacation!


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