Oxon Hill Farm and National Harbor

Over Mother’s Day weekend, we explored some place new locally -- Oxon Hill Farm. I have read about Oxon Hill Farm on several DC blogs and they all said the same thing: it’s a great place for little kids. In honor of Mother’s Day, I had no problems getting the hubs to agree on this outing so off we went.
Oxon Hill Farm is operated by the National Park Service and located within minutes of National Harbor, which we ended up stopping by for a dessert lunch.  

The great part about Oxon Hill is that all the animals are spread out, so the kids can run around a little (the other farm we go to, Frying Pan Park Farm, has all the animals close together). Plus, it is extremely scenic and serene, which made us feel like we were transported to some idyllic countryside. I would have loved to catch one of the daily programs or special events, but they are all currently canceled until further notice.

During our visit there, we saw cows, rabbits, chickens (the kids’ FAV), and horses.

They loved chasing that white hen (on the left) that flew out of the coop.
In the visitor center, there is a children’s area full of toys to play with.
We didn’t stay at the farm long…the heat and the stickiness were starting to get to the kids…so we skipped on over to National Harbor, which is a new-ish waterfront plaza full of hotels, shops, and restaurants. We hung out at the sandpit for a bit and Anna said, "How come we didn't bring our beach toys?" So we left pretty quickly and went shopping instead. They ended up getting a t-shirt each at the Peeps store (seen here in yesterday's post).
Instead of a sit-down meal, we had four scoops of ice cream for lunch, shared by the four of us. The kids were in heaven. Anna couldn't wait for a spoon to dig in.  
national harbor
The kids happily ran up and down the pier, which was without any barriers. It was nerve-wracking every time they got close to the edge, but we made it out just fine. The clouds were starting to roll in by then, so left just before our 2-hour parking limit was up. As we drove home, it POURED.
The kids didn't fall asleep in the car so they took a nice long nap when we got home. Then we had an easy dinner and watched Tangled for the first time. Mother Gothel scared Anna, but we actually watched the movie from start to finish. That never happens! Now instead of listening to Frozen in the car on repeat, we listen to Tangled. :) Such a great day before Mother's Day.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Love ice cream for lunch! ~ Zi

  2. I'll have to check out Oxon Farm next time I'm in the Natl Harbor area! I like that the kids can run around and the toys in the visitor center will make it hard for our J to want to leave ;). Great Mother's Day for you! Yay for ice cream for lunch.

    1. Definitely. It's really only like 3 minutes away and it is FREE.

    2. FREE?! My kind of price! Thanks!

  3. Now that's one delicious lunch, ice cream!!! hehe Looks like everyone had a great day :) - Eva

  4. I'm so glad the Woodrow Wilson bridge project is (sort of) done!! I've been by the National Harbor but haven't stopped in. Looks like fun!

  5. It's odd how these two polar opposite attractions are so close to one another. If not for the stupid heat and humidity, we could've stayed at the farm longer. But when the nice cool clouds rolled it, they did make the stroll around the harbor bearable.

  6. My daughter would love that farm! And the trip to the National Harbor looks lovely as well :)


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