a list of books that the kids are reading / may 2014

We went to the library over the weekend and checked out 23 books. And now that we have read all of them, here are the favorites:
|1| This rhyming story really captures the imagination of childhood and such a fun read to boot. Definitely give it a try :) It's my personal favorite out of the batch.

|2| This book is adorable. Little Apple Goat lives on a farm and she loves apples, pears, and cherries! Little did she know that when she plippety plip those pits and seeds over the hedge, she would actually end up saving the day! The story is very simple and the illustrations are vivid. Now that Anna is old enough to fully understand the stories that we read, I always ask her to guess the book endings. She nailed this one.

|3| A book on dinosaurs is sure to win Will over. This is a quick read with only a few words on each page.

|4| Super cute story about a clever spider who longs to be the family's pet. Very fun to read and the kids giggled at the last page. Read it, I don't want to spoil the ending.

|5| I first learned about this classic book at a story time. It is a short story that teaches patience and perseverance. On a separate note, we have been teaching Anna about lying and telling the truth. She commented, "The little boy's family lied to the boy. They said the carrot wouldn't come up and it did." I set her straight, but this just goes to show that there are things to be learned from every book. I enjoyed talking to her about it.
|6| This is a cute story of a boy and a bear who lose their teddy bears and get them mixed up. A good read with great rhythm to it.

|7| Not the greatest lesson is being taught in this book, but the rhymes are cute (although sometimes a bit awkward) and Anna completely gets the story. Her reaction: "This is a bad duck. I am going to eat him."

|8| I love the repetition of words, but not only that, the whimsy illustrations provide a lot to talk about. I think a great question to ask the kids at the end is what do THEY think the Rabbit has in the suitcase for THEM.

|9| A sweet picture book that tells the story of a friendship between a frog and a dog. I like that it is different because it doesn't have a happily-ever-after ending. Also to note is that the watercolor illustration is beautiful!

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  1. How do you choose which books to borrow? From other blogs? What's on the shelf? I usually have a mix of the 2 but mostly what's on the shelf when I walk in ;). I've also found a collection of books that teaches letter sounds which I'm having our au pair read with J.

    1. I can't just walk in and borrow books because I can never find good ones. This time I reserved a bunch of books from this list I found on the county website:


  2. Wow, 23 books... that's great! Sometimes it really surprises me which books my girls like/don't like. I need to remember to read with them more often this summer since they won't be in school. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  3. I think I would like all of 'em!



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