We Went on an Egg Hunt

The weather over the weekend was simply marvelous and we got to do everything that I planned and I am here to tell you all about it :)
Easter egg hunt 2014 at Colvin Run Mill. Anna waiting for the show to start.

About a week ago, I signed the kids up for an Easter egg hunt at Colvin Run Mill, the same place where we saw Santa during the holidays, and the event took place this Saturday. Despite the threatened rain, it never happened so it was a perfect spring day for hunting eggs.

The kids' excitement started way before we even left the house. After a long winter, they were thrilled to just put on shorts and short sleeves. Look at me! I want to wear my pink bike shirt! Yellow shirt! YAY! Haha, so cute.

Then after breakfast I handed each of them an empty basket for the egg hunt and they couldn't stop beaming about that. I am going to get 5 eggs! No 10! Thanks Mama, I love my basket!

They just went on and on like this for ages. And I thought it was so adorable and hilarious and beautiful and innocent and just an example of how children enjoy such simple things with sure pure joy. I watched them with a huge smile on my face.

Once we finally got there, they were practically skipping. Where are the eggs??! Can we get them now??!

The event was very organized, but there was a lot of waiting around on our part since we got two kids and they were in two different age groups. Will's group started at 10:25 and Anna's at 11:15. Luckily, walking around, taking pictures, and doing ALL the crafts that were available filled our time so it didn't seem too bad.
At home Will wants nothing to do with art projects, but here he did (or tried) them all.

As for the egg hunt, I followed Will around, but he didn't need any help looking for those colorful eggs. I was only there for moral support since all the parents were following their little ones. Anna didn't need me at all. She DASHED OFF after the countdown was done. I ran after her to get some obligatory pictures. In the end, Will got 10 eggs and Anna got 14.
One thing to note -- the ticket was $6 per kid so I expected better candy, but it was pretty much just Tootsie Rolls. No Cadbury eggs here. But along with a piece of candy in each egg, there was also a small toy such as bouncy balls, tattoos, stickers, etc. The kids liked the trinkets more.
We all had an enjoyable time at the event and I just loved watching my kids being happy :) It's the best. Any egg hunts happened for you this weekend? Got any good candies?


  1. We had one in our neighborhood this weekend. Each person who signed up supplied 18 filled eggs last week, so it was free. But because we were supposed to fill it with non-meltable candy or toys, a lot of the eggs my boys got were jawbreakers or difficult to eat candy. We did get a few stickers and toys though that were definitely the highlight. Egg hunts are so fun. :)

    1. ah, non-meltable. maybe THAT was why they didn't have any good chocolates.

  2. I don't have any family members of "easter egg hunt" age - so I'm "borrowing" yours... :) Thanks for sharing the smiles and fun!

  3. Never did this before growing up and am not sure what the fuss is all about, but our little guys definitely enjoyed the time, no matter how brief it was.

  4. We had a neighborhood egg hunt and the kids had lots of fun. Eggs were filled with little toys and stickers so we are not stuck with tons of candy! Loving the warmer weather. ~Zi

    1. Hi Zi! I took the Tootsie Rolls to work today and by the time I left, they were mostly gone. So it was a win-win for me. We are not stuck with tons of candy and I contributed to the work snack area instead of always just taking from it.

    2. What!? You gave away candy again? I thought we talked about this after last Halloween. Hmmm....must stop this unnatural behavior....

  5. Looks like fun! We are going to an egg hunt this Saturday at a local school/church.


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