Scott's Run Nature Preserve (aka Our First Family Hike)

We went on our first family hike on Sunday.
To be honest, I was a little worried about how the kids would behave, but they both surprised me for walking pretty well and the only low point was when a big dog licked their face. But besides that little hiccup, no other extreme meltdowns occured so I am declaring it a success :)

If you are interested in planning your own trip, here is the scoop: We went to Scott's Run Nature Preserve, which is less than 15 minutes from our house. There are two parking lots -- the one we parked at was at the interesction of Route 193 and Swink's Mill road. From there, we took the most direct route to the Potomac River via a half-mile gravel path. At the river, we saw gorgeous views and a surprise waterfall. It took us (our family and my parents) about a hour and 15 minutes roundtrip, including some rocking-throwing, stopping for snacks, and an impromptu change of clothing for Will (the guy slipped while walking across a creek 5 minutes into the walk, haha).

Now for the photo tour:
We had to cross the creek twice. Although there were concrete stepping stones, we purposely dressed the kids in sandals because we knew they would enjoy getting their feet wet.
And they did.
The kids had a great time throwing rocks! Also, see the little waterfall in the back?
As I said, the hike was a hour and 15 minutes long and I thought it was just right for Anna (4) and Will (2.5). It could be a little shorter so Luke didn't have to carry the both of them like this toward the end:
But definitely not any longer or else we would have had fussy children at hand.

I am not an outdoorsy person, but little hikes like this where the kids can enjoy some nature-loving fun is something I can handle and hope to have more of this spring and summer.

Also over the weekend, we went to a fun birthday party. I don't know who had a better time because as much as the kids enjoyed themselves, Luke and I loved watching them having a blast. I wish I had taken videos instead to capture their laughters.


  1. Surprisingly, this was a stroller-free weekend. Sure, it was exhausting, but being able to wander around freely is priceless. Now if the weather would just settle down and decide between hot or cold, we could get this spring started already...

  2. My husband is the outdoorsy one, so he takes the 3 older kids on small hikes often which they totally love! And I get to stay home with E4 and get some chores done, win-win for us! ~Zi

  3. Such a beautiful place!!! Your little "creatures of the water" just had to love that place!

  4. What a fun family hike and the place looks beautiful. I can't wait to do family stuff like that when our baby gets a bit older!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I love that they could walk over those stepping stones, or in the creek!!! Tks for the rec!

  6. What a beautiful area to go hiking in! Hiking and biking are such great family activities. My girls had their birthday party at The Little Gym a couple of years ago... so much fun!


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