Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones

Considering how much the kids (Will especially) love dinosaurs, I couldn't wait to take them to see dinosaur bones at the Maryland Science Center. I mean, we have only read this book for like a thousand times so of course they were going to love seeing real life bones in person, right?

Wrong! The towering full size dinosaurs scared the heck out of them and the loud roaring sound from the speakers didn't help either. It took a long time before Anna was even comfortable walking through the exhibits without freaking out. She was even too afraid to touch her favorite triceratops. So yeah...dinosaurs? We are sticking with books about them and the plush toy versions for now.
Luckily, things got better.

We had only been at the museum for less than 10 minutes when two employees separately suggested us to head straight to the Kids Room instead. So we did....and the kids finally relaxed and smiled. They both loved the water play area, but also had fun with lots of other random things, like the pinscreen and deep water fishing. It was a great place to hang out for little kids.
I think the kids could have stayed at the Kids Room a lot longer, but we had to leave catch a show at the planetarium. There were several shows to choose from, but we picked a children friendly one featuring Big Bird and Elmo. It was a spectacle of light and color and music and we all enjoyed it very much. It was the kids' first planetarium experience! Fun!
Our tickets also came with a showing of an IMAX movie. Honestly, our time could have been used more wisely had we gone back to the Kids Room or walked around other exhibits. I don't blame Will for falling asleep half way through it :)
We actually bought our tickets through a LivingSocial deal and still have two tickets left to use before the end of July. Next time, we will stay overnight at the Inner Harbor and make a weekend trip out of it.

That was our Saturday.

On Sunday morning, we went to Clemenjontri (aka "the rainbow park"). It was a gorgeous day and the park was full of people. The merry-go-round had just opened for the season so that was the first thing we did. We have been going to this park ever since Anna was a little over 1 and it's so neat to see that some of the play structures she used to struggle with are easy for her to do now. Same with Will -- I can see him navigating around easier compared to last summer. Both kids love this park! We will be back often.
That was our weekend! Pretty full and good.


  1. The weather Sunday was marvelous, simply marvelous!

    I'm surprised that a bunch of dino bones would intimidate kids - but as soon as I heard the kids room had a water feature I knew they were going to like that!! They seem "creatures of the water" where ever it is!

  2. Definitely learned our lesson on Saturday. Sure, Baltimore is just an hour away, but with kids and their nap schedules, you really can't get much done. We either let them sleep in the car next time or get a room for the nite.

    All in all, it was a good weekend to slowly ease back into Spring!

  3. Gotta go the Baltimore to check out this science museum. Have you been to their children's museum? Also, I still can't pronounce that park's name correctly ;).

    1. I took Anna to the children's museum when she was 1.5. I didn't think she was too young because she was able to play and enjoy it. I am sure they would have a lot more fun now, but I haven't been back. The science museum is actually kinda of expensive and if it wasn't for the LivingSocial deal, I definitely would not have gone. Especially since that after we went, I found out that there is a dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History museum in DC (although closing at the end of this month). Had I known that, I would not have gone to this one. But at least the kids had fun in the Kids Room and the planetarium experience was neat.

      haha on the pronunciation. That's why we call it the rainbow park. but fyi, it's clay-men-jon-tri.

    2. dug out the old post from archive.


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