Anna's Easter Party at School

Today Anna's preschool class had an Easter Party!
The goody bag that I made and Anna helped to pass out.

I, along with another mom, signed up to participate at the beginning of the school year, back when I was still working part-time. I am back on full-time status now, but I didn't want to back out on the committment so I just took the morning off from work. It's pretty great how flexible my job is and how close (2 minutes!) it is to home. It makes participating in school events possible, without having to take too much time off :)

Anyway, the other mom and I arrived just as the kids came in from the playground. We jumped right in and did a bunny nose craft with them. I was busy helping the kids with the whiskers, so no pictures got taken here. Then they washed up and had a special snack - jellybean cupcakes.

While they read books, us volunteers went outside to hide the eggs throughout the yard. Each kid had brought 3 hard-boiled eggs from home, which -- flashback -- we dyed and decorated last night when the grandparents were here:
I made my own dye (warm water, food coloring, vinegar) this year and the colors turned out much more vibrant. Then the kids decorated with stickers.

--end flashback--

Then came the biggest event of all -- the Easter egg hunt. My little hopping bunny had no problems finding the 3 eggs that she was allowed to put in her basket. She was so excited about everything. We ended up having time to spare so we hid the eggs again and the kids had two rounds of Easter egg hunt.
Group picture time!
Say "Chocolate egg!"

If the weather holds up, we will be going to two more egg hunts before Easter is over. Will is participating too! Can't wait!


  1. Sucks that I missed out on this. Another casualty littered along the road of business travel. But thanks for putting this all together and keeping our little daughter smiling.

  2. What a fun party! Those easter eggs really do look vibrant. I'm only able to attend my girls' school functions sporadically due to my work schedule, but it makes it that much more enjoyable when I do get to go. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  3. She looks like she had a blast!! :) Love that smile!

  4. Good job on the school activity! Looks like all the kids had fun. Which reminds me, I have an egg dying kit at home...

  5. Superb Easter Party!! Pretty much exactly how I hosted my daughter’s birthday party at one of the best party and event venue houston tx. Actually she loves Easter parties so I chose this theme for celebrating her birthday.


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