a list of books that the kids are reading / april 2014

Time for another edition of a-list-of-books-that-the-kids-are-reading!
|1| This is a tale about a dog who makes various animal sounds because he somehow swallowed all those animals. It’s crazy silly and the kids adore it. We have read it so many times that Anna can almost recite the entire book

|2| The first time Anna heard this book was at a story time and it captured her attention. We are not Korean and we have never had bee bim bop, but it’s a story about a little girl helping her mom in the kitchen, making dinner together. Love. It also has super cute rhymes so very fun for me to read! Plus, I love the fact that it features an Asian family and gives the kids the chance to see a family similar to ours in a picture book.

|3| I really enjoy this sweet story about a zookeeper and his animal friends and the kids seem to like it too. The illustrations are very well done. This book is only a few years old but it has such a classic feel to it. Easy to read.

|4| The illustrations are delightful and the few lines of text on each page are easy for little ones and their grown-ups to relate to and understand.
|5| We started reading the Berenstain Bears when Anna was around 2 (we have this big book collection), and at age 4 they are still a favorite around here. The stories are long, but I enjoy reading them because I grew up with them (oh memories!), and they always teach some kind of lesson.

|6| / |7| / |8| Like the Berenstain Bears, Anna enjoys all the books in the Curious George series, but I vastly prefer reading the Berenstain Bears because George is a little troublemaker. Luke doesn't like reading these books at all, though.

|9| Without a doubt, we like all Pooh bear stories around here, but this is the one we have been reading lately. I am still trying to explain the difference between a dragonfly and a dragon flying to the kids.

|10| This book is an absolute HIT with Anna and Will. As I said, many fights have already been fought over it. They can listen to the cd over and over and over.

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  1. I'm surprised Curious George isn't a winner! He doesn't mean to get into trouble, really!!!

    :) and Pooh Bear is always a winner!

  2. I put Bee Bim Boop on my "holds" at the library. I love using the "holds" system!!! Thanks for recommending the system. We have lots of Curious George books right now.

  3. Okay, I've been majorly slacking on the book reading front. I'm not even sure where the evenings go anymore after bathtime. Been a hectic couple of weeks, but I should be able to crack a book with the kids again.

  4. Great book reviews will check out which our library has :)
    Curious George is always a winner in our house. We've played the Frozen CD more than once in one sitting too haha. - Eva


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