- I am sitting here in bed blogging at 3 in the morning because we just had a night of kids behaving badly and now I can't fall back to sleep. It's sleeting/snowing again as I type so government and school already announced its closure for the day. At least I won't have to report to work so there will be sleeping in (once/if I fall back to sleep).

- Speaking of snow and work, because I am not a government employee (I just work at a federal building), I don't get an automatic free day when the "federal government is closed." Instead, per my own company's policy, we have to take a personal day. All I have to say is thank goodness for my PT schedule which allowed me the flexibility to switch my days around this winter. Seriously, if not for this, I would have no PTO left for real vacations.

- But, on a related news, I am going back to work full-time and I am bummed.

- Let me explain. For a period of time in February, I was actually scheduled to roll of my current project at the end of the month. During that time, I scrambled to look for a new project within my company and also applied for jobs externally. I applied to a dozen of places and even went on my first job interview in SEVEN years! There were few leads, but nothing came through. I was positive that I would become a stay-at-home-mom...

- I felt okay about it. I tried and it didn't work out. As long as I did my best, I was fine with whatever happened next. With the anticipation of becoming an one-income family, I put the family on a strict budget in February We did SO good -- hardly bought a thing and only went out to eat once. Our credit card bill had never been lower. I really really really craved for a bowl of pho, though. Now THAT was hard.

- Well, anyway, as I said, I am going back to work full-time so something must had happened, right? It turned out that two weeks after I was told the news, I was told again that a teammate was leaving and that I would be taking his spot. His full-time spot.

- For the last 8 months, since last July, I had worked 24 hours a week, while -- get this-- getting paid full-time. I thought for sure my bosses would cut me to PT pay a month into it, but they never did. I don't think there are words that can accurately describe just how awesome it was.

- The best part of this situation - other than the pay! - was that there was a lot of the time, I felt very balanced in terms of my work life and my home life. I am not cut out for being home with my kids all day every day and I am not ashamed to say that sometimes leaving for work in the morning feel like a vacation. This really was the best of both worlds.

- But my good fortune ran out...

- So, starting mid-March, I am back to 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day. I tell myself that at least the commute is short and there will be vacations.

- But seriously, I am dreading it. I am relieved that I have the option to work and bring home a steady income, but this is going to be an adjustment. How do you full-timers do it again?

- We had an average weekend that can be summed up in two bullets. We went to a Chinese story time on Saturday, which wasn't all that good. No one really listened and all the kids just did their own thing. The story reader gave up after 2 books and it was more just socializing for the parents. Then that night, Luke's parents came over and we went to a buffet. Two things: 1. Will went psycho on us and 2. buffets..never again.

- I got a much-needed haircut on Sunday. My hair was a hot mess and I finally chopped it off. I even got my eyebrows done too. I feel slightly cuter. :)

Update: No idea why only half of this post is showing up in Feedly. I miss those Google Reader days when everything just worked.


  1. If you want to continue working, then everything worked out the best way possible.

  2. Good luck with all the adjustments needed. I haven't worked full time in a while, so no good tips there but I know you will figure it out. ~Zi

  3. I hope you didn't get all the snow that whey were forecasting - we got far less, only an inch (or the 10-12 inches they hyped) and are thankful for that!

    I hope once you go back to full time, both the work and the social interaction (with adults) is rewarding!

  4. I can understand your mixed feelings... I started working full time last August and am still trying to get the hang of it! It has made me more efficient, more sleep deprived, and more appreciative of the time that I get to spend with my husband and girls. I'll be cheering for you as transition back to full time! :)

  5. Sorry you gotta take PTO when the government is closed. That sucks. If I were approved for telework, I'd have to either telework or take PTO on those snow days. Anywho, congrats on the FT position. Yes, it'll be some adjusting.


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