another snow day! happy st. patrick's day!

This morning, we woke up to a blanket of fresh snow:
This time we got about 6-8 inches? Which meant school was closed and work, too.

I was determined to do something intentional with the kids, instead of just letting them run wild like monkeys. So after a little snow time outside, we sat down and created this simple rainbow collage craft. It was super easy. I filled an egg carton with pieces - Anna helped with cutting - of cardstock in rainbow colors. Next I drew a rainbow with seven sections on a white cardstock so the kids knew where to glue their color pieces. And then I just watched them go.
Will needed a lot of assistance (read: I basically took over), but Anna worked until almost the end. I ended up helping her with the indigo and purple pieces, but she got her energy back when I told her she could use her St. Patrick's Day stickers to decorate. Love that pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. I added clouds (stretched out cotton balls) to Will's.
Turned out pretty cute!

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!


  1. That had better been the last of this snow stuff. Anymore and we're gonna pack up and move to a beach somewhere...far far away...

  2. I'm with Father Time... enough with the snow already!!

    Love those rainbows - you had a great idea!


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