Anna's 4th birthday at school!

Yesterday my precious first born turned 4 years old! Happy birthday, Anna!!
Since it was a school day, I decided long ago that I would bring cupcakes to her class for snack time. When we showed up, she was so excited and happy to see all of us. It was hugs all around. The class was still in the middle of cleaning up, which gave me time to put on those cake toppers that we made a while back.
They looked good, but pretty much ignored by all the children.

Anna got to pass out the cupcakes. She asked each of her classmates, "Pink or green?"
We all sang happy birthday and she blew out the candle.
Will said he wanted juice and crackers too.

Will really enjoyed being there -- his normal day at home isn't nearly as exciting. With Anna nearby, he wasn't timid at all and jumped right into the chaos. He even sat next to Anna during circle and got to participate. Here is a video of the class doing the leprechaun dance. Anna was really into it, haha.

I think we made it really special for Anna, being at her school for her birthday. She said to me, "Mama, I am so happy you are here." So sweet....I hope this is something she will remember for along time.

And for me, I loved every second of the one hour that I was there. I got to see a piece of her school life and met her school friends. During individual book time, all the kids kept on bringing books to Luke and me to read. So fun :)


  1. And so another one has passed. Not that many left before the magic fades and cupcakes lose their luster. Until then, we'll keep on celebrating!

  2. Happy Birthday Anna... goodness... it has been 4 years already????


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