Anna's 4 Years Old Update

My little Anna turned 4 last week…and aaah just look at her beautiful face, gorgeous smile, and twinkling eyes!
Anna_4 year old
Anna_4 year old _
These are some things I want to remember about Anna at this age:

- She is a happy and imaginative child – so delighted to sit on the floor and build a village for Will’s plastic dinosaur toys. So thrilled to line up her toy characters for “school.” She makes cards and decorates them with stickers. She organizes picnics for her stuffed animals. She pretends she’s a doctor. She sets up stores with trinkets to sell and yells, “Customers! Customers! I have toys for sale!” She puts on musical dance shows. She hides Easter eggs for Will to find. And she does it all by herself.

- Her favorite toy is her Pooh bear. She plays with him every day, can’t go to bed without him, and sneaks him off to school in her backpack. She swaddles him and pretends he’s her baby, tells us to be quiet because Pooh is sleeping. One time she made a paper hat/crown for him on his birthday.

- She’s really good at cleaning up toys, as long as there is an incentive at the end. She sings “clean up, pick up, put away” (from Daniel Tiger) as she does it.

- She loves to craft. Our house is completely over-run with her artwork. I need to come up with a system to display these artwork better because she adores seeing them around the house. Once I handed her a tape dispenser and she hung them up on her own!

- She likes to take pictures and videos and knows how to operate an old point-and-shoot that I allow her to play with. When she first started, she took pictures of random objects, but she has since then moved on to taking selfies and even recording videos of herself singing. She loves watching videos of herself.

- She can sit through as many books as I can muster up the energy to read. She enjoy Disney stories, but man, those stories are long!

- She’s in the very beginning stages of learning how to read and has successfully sounded out a few simple words. It’s exciting!

- Anna is warm and sweet. I love hearing what she has to say and she says the sweetest things. “Mama, you are the best mama in the whole world.” “Mama, you are my best friend and I want to be with you forever.” “Mama, you are the best cook.” Hehe :)

- She is stubborn and sassy and dramatic. She cries over little things, like accidentally tripping or hurting her finger. The difference between her and Will in this regard is comical. When we discipline her, she gets sad, but is quick to apologize for her mistakes. She's happiest when we make up afterwards.

- She copies Will. For example, she’s not physically affectionate, but if she sees me giving Will tons of bedtime kisses, she will want them too even though I know she’s happy with just one tiny peck.

- She is very un-adventurous when it comes to food, but has actually gotten better because I don’t fight it anymore. I feed her what she likes and mealtime is peaceful this way. Currently her favorite foods are: fried rice, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pizza, deli turkey, pb&j, mushrooms, corn, egg sandwiches, toast with Nutella, and pasta & noodles. She will eat broccoli and spinach when we put it in her bowl and eats lots of fruit. She doesn't drink milk, but has yogurt every morning. She eats slowly most of the time, unless it’s anything sweet which is gone before I can blink. Overall, she eats some decent foods (not all junk) so I call that a win and move on.

- She requests music all the time (current favorite is the Frozen soundtrack) and dances to it. Sometimes I play the piano and she has fun with that too, but she tells me that “this music is too slow and I can’t dance to it.”

- She’s hilarious with her speech without knowing it. The other night after two books, I was exhausted and said with a heavy sigh, “Okay, done, Mama is off commission.” She responded, “No Mama! You are ON commission.” During a separate conversation, Luke told her that when spring comes, it will be time to plant herbs. She said, “Yeah, it’s time to plant dandelions too.” Too funny.

- She often reminds us what we said/promised. “Did you fix my toy train yet?” “I went first yesterday, so it’s Will’s turn today.”

- Anna does great at school, but she still has problems with separation. She literally lets out a two second whine or cry as she steps into the classroom, but is fine as soon as the door is closed. She doesn’t talk about school voluntarily, but will say a few words when I ask. The teacher has good things to say about Anna on her report cards and she always has a smile plastered on her face when we pick her up. I am happy that she has this time away from home daily.

- She picks out her clothes, but I help with dressing. She can probably (?) do it herself, but it’s a routine that I haven’t had time to break. (Although funny because if I did break it, it would actually SAVE me time.) She doesn’t like to be told what to wear. One time when she was moving slow, I went into her closet and picked out her favorite star shirt (which is ALWAYS her first pick), but she told me no, she wanted something else...just so she could exercise her autonomy.

- Bedtime is different now at age 4 versus 3. She shares a room with Will and loves it. She’s good about sleeping in her bed all night, while Will comes to sleep with us in the middle of the night. She still naps on average of 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and bedtime is around 8:30pm.

- She loves TV, but I have limits. She watches the same 22-minute shows that Will watches, which I think are too babyish for her. We have weekly movie night where we introduce her to Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks movies, but she hasn’t been fond of them. She can’t seem to handle conflict in movies and lots of things scare her. The latest we watched was Frozen and she seemed to like the songs more than the movie itself. She can watch her Winnie the Pooh movies over and over, though.


  1. Damn, she sounds like an awesome kid! Makes me wonder why or how she manages to push my buttons so much?? Oh well, no matter what, Anna rocks and I love her to death.

  2. Those balloons are so bright and cheery! Just thing on a day like today.

    I like Pooh...never seen the movies though, I'll have to dig some of them up :)

  3. What cute photos! Love that you dangled the balloons! No need for helium :). Though you guys out of breath? Hehe. Awwww, "I want to be with you forever"!!! Happy 5th birthday Anna!

  4. Happy Birthday Anna!!! Such a sweet girl :)
    I love the pictures with the balloons! - Eva


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