a morning at snow beach

The sun was shining today and we were just about to get dressed to head out somewhere when we decided that the kids would probably be happiest playing outside in the snow instead. So I dug out our beach gear from storage and the kids had a blast shoveling and digging and filling up their buckets with snow. With the warm temp, it felt like we were at the beach. We were out for nearly 2 hours. :)
Most of this winter when it snowed, it was too cold to play outside for long. We would bundle up, go outside, take pictures, and be done. I mean, we didn't even get a chance to make one snowman all winter...until today. It was a team effort. Both kids helped with rolling the snow balls and I donated the scarf I was wearing.
I think this was our first snowman ever?
This winter has been unseasonably snowy and now that we've played in the snow through and through, there will be no more white stuff this year. At least, that's what I am telling the sky.


  1. The snowperson is adorable! Love the scarf. Great idea to use beach gear for snow play!

  2. Not sure how we ended up with Spring weather while there was still snow on the ground, but we sure made the most use of it. Definitely hope this is the last batch of the white stuff this year...

  3. I don't think it was exactly "shorts" weather!!

    1. Yes I agree, but he thought I looked ridiculous for wearing a scarf and socks!

  4. Agreed! Now that we have longer days, spring is just about here :) With the warmer weather over the weekend N inhaled deeply and said "Ahhh the air smells good!" haha
    Yes I'm ready for some beach weather :D - Eva

  5. Haha, the hubs is in shorts!!! They are calling for snow on Wed. Brace yourself.


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