This is the note that I helped (ahem, made) my almost 4-year old write, to remind me that she wants a Pooh bear birthday party:
I wanted her to write, "Mama, I want a Pooh bear party, please."

Can anyone make out what she wrote?

(It's the title of this post.)

She was sooo proud of herself nonetheless. As was I!


  1. I'd totally remember NOW! Good job, Anna!

  2. Uh oh, lets hope she doesn't expect to get whatever she wants by simply writing it down on a little piece of paper. If that's the case, we need to remove all paper products from the house.

  3. Aww great job Anna!
    Now how can you say no to a Pooh party after this? :)
    Definitely a proud moment! - Eva

  4. Nice work! It's so fun when kids start to write and draw pictures... some of the things they come up with are so cute!

  5. Is it almost time to break out the "honey" for the party?

    Goodness... I remember her being born like it was yesterday.


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