Organizing Kids Art and Craft Supplies

I had been wanting an over-the-door shoe organizer ever since I read this post on organizing art and craft supplies. Immediately after I finished reading, I added a shoe organizer to my Amazon shopping cart...and then I mulled over it...for the next 3 months.

So when Luke came home with a $6 shoe organizer on Valentine's Day from Walmart, forget roses and chocolates, it was the most romantic present ever. Haha. Previously we stored our day-to-day supplies (crayons, watercolor, markers) in a big plastic bin. It sat in the family and the kids had access to it whenever they wanted. It worked fine, but things got buried under things and I personally didn't like the messy look of it.

I should also mention that supplies that require supervision (pom-poms, foam stickers, bottles of paint, glitters) sat elsewhere in various spots.

I love my new shoe organizer. It's clear so I can see exactly what I am looking for and it doesn't take up any space. One thing I don't like about my shoe organizer: it doesn't hold ALL of our supplies (the ones that require supervision), so things are still not all centrally located.

But it's definitely an improvement! There are still a couple of empty slots, so room to grow.  The kids help themselves to whatever in the bottom 3 rows and I save the upper 3 for off-limit ones. As for the bin in the family room, it's still there, but now it holds coloring books, hole punches, various papers, a tub of pip-squeaks markers, and it is much more manageable.
shoe hanger craft supplies
I am sure things will get moved around and new things will get added, but so far this is how I have arranged it. Love IT!


  1. So much for the sanctuary of my basement office. Let's just hope this doesn't get too out of hand and all our doors get draped with these things. Though I must admit, this is a nifty way of storing all these little things.

  2. Nice! We have everything piled onto bookshelves, not the best either. Still working on organizing and storing the kid's cars car cars though!

  3. I LOVE how organize you are! Haha yea, who needs chocolate and roses when you got a organizer like that ; D - Eva


    This book u might find interesting...under organization.


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