Glow Stick Valentines

I am so excited about Anna's "You Make Me Glow!" Valentines for her classmates. They turned out just like I imagined and Anna can't wait to give them out at school next week!

The hardest part was getting Anna to cooperate, but once I got the shot, it was a very fun project for me. Have I mentioned it before how much I love school projects?
Using Photoshop, I enhanced the photo and added text and hearts - strategically to cover the light switch and wall decor - using different shades of pink. And just for the record, I wanted to use shades of blue, to match her shirt, but she wanted pink. All pink.
valentines 2014
Then I just ran to the nearest Walgreen and printed 20 4x6 prints.
Luke had just gotten back from a week of traveling, but we wasted no time in putting it all together. He made two slits near Anna's hand and carefully slid a glow stick through.
And that's it. Done.
I am looking forward to next Friday to see what she brings home!

(As usual, this is not my original idea. It's from here.)


  1. These turned out very nice, much better than the previous year's effort. Though I still wonder why we go through this trouble for a dinky little commercial holiday.

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! They turned out so cute :D *clapping*
    I love school projects too hehe
    Anna is adorable in the photo. - Eva

  3. even if not your idea, i TOTALLY love it!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are adorable! I'll have to keep this in mind for next year's valentines. Her classmates are going to love the glow sticks!

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