farm day

Everyone has talked about it, so I will say it here on my blog too - this winter has been soooo cold and we have been stuck inside through most of it. Cabin fever? We have it. But this weekend, the weather warmed up enough for us to be outside. So off to the farm (Frying Pan Farm Park) we went! Will had asked to go several times in the last month so we knew it would be a fun outing for him. As for Anna...well, she would just have to tolerate.

We got there early in the morning and the ground was slushy and wet from snow/rain, but we all had a good time despite the mud we tracked back to our just-vacuumed minivan. Will's excitement was contagious and I just loved watching him being in awe with all those animal creatures.

Inside the barn, he saw tiny piglets chasing one another and then when the mama pig came in + laid herself down, all the piglets rushed over for milk. So cute. I was outside with Anna so I didn't see it myself, but Luke said Will was curious about everything. He touched a sheep, too.
The farm wasn't big, so it was easy to see everything in 30 minutes. Along the trail, we saw chicken goats, sheep, cow, and peacock. Will was into them all, got right up against the fences. I didn't get a single picture of him looking at the camera.
The biggest hit for Anna was these tractors for little kids to climb, sit, and drive. We played here at the begining of the visit, but at the end, when Will went to re-visit some animals, Anna came here to play more and had the whole area to herself. She really loved it. I am just glad that she found something she liked at the farm, since her unenthusiastic feelings toward animals remained unchanged.
This little outing got me excited about spring and summer when we can be out and about all the time. Simpe and easy outings like this is all I need.


  1. Sounds like fun! My kids love animals, they would have a blast at this plsce! ~Zi

  2. How fun! My girls are sometimes scared of animals so when we visit farms it's always kind of hit or miss. They do love the zoo... I think because most of the animals are fairly far away and in slightly more secure habitats. Those tractors look like fun!

  3. So nice that Anna enjoyed the visit even though she doesn't love animals as much as Will. I'm definitely looking forward to warmer temps as well!

  4. Hmm... Anna could grow up to be a farmer... or perhaps drive a semi-tractor trailer... :)


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