Easy Cupcake Toppers

Alternative title: Laminating is my new hobby.
Anna's birthday is coming right up in less than a month. Seriously?! I can't believe I am going to have a 4 year old soon...but that's another post for another day. Today is all about these cupcake toppers that I just made.

Ever since Anna requested Pooh bear cupcakes to bring to school on her birthday, I have been thinking about how to make it happen. Sure, I could buy the toppers, such as these or these, but I thought it would be a fun project to take on. Not to mention it would cost a lot less.  

So here is how I made these tiny 1 1/4" round toppers that will go perfectly on those mini cupcakes that I plan to buy from the grocery store.

First I found some Winnie the Pooh graphics online and adjusted them to size. Then I picked one of my recent favorite pictures of Anna and adjusted that to size too. I did all this in Word and printed on regular copier paper.
For this project, I broke out my laminator for the first time, which was actually Luke's Christmas present to me from 2 years ago. It worked GREAT. I fed the two sheets in the picture above through the machine, one at a time.
Punch, punch, punch.
My original plan was to secure a toothpick between two circles to make the toppers, like what I had done before, but it looked bumpy and flimsy. So I figured that since the toppers are plastic, it's okay to just stick them right into the frosting of the cupcakes.
It was Luke's idea to run the circles through the machine one more time to seal it all.
But by then the sheet was too thick for the hole punch so he had to cut them by hand. All 22 of them.

(I love my assistant!)
Well, I think these toppers turned out pretty darn cute and Anna is pleased. And I was right, this project was $0 from start to finish (I had all the supplies already). It was also super fun to finally use my little toy. I am hooked. What else can I laminate next?

I hope to join Anna and her classmates for cupcakes on the big day, so I will be back with the toppers in action later!


  1. Wow, these turned out great! The photo portrait ones are adorable. Anna is going to be so happy to have these on her birthday cupcakes! Smart mama for planning ahead... her birthday will be here before you know it!

    1. Thank you! All of them are double-sided, one side is Anna's picture, the other side is a character.

  2. These took a lot of work. Need to make sure we collect these things after the party. Would be a waste to just check all these away in the trash.

  3. They turned out so well! Love it can't wait to see the final touches :)
    We have birthdays to celebrate in a month too! Been busy crafting and planning like you too hehe - Eva

    1. I am so behind...this is actually all I have done and it's not even for her real at-home celebration. Can't wait to see what you came up with!

  4. Hehe, alternative post title! They turned out so cute!


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