Will at 2 years and 2 months

My little dinosaur is 2 years and 2 months old today.

He’s cuddly, talkative, playful, and insanely cute.

Here is what’s going on in his toddler life!
Eating | Following his sister’s footsteps, he gives us such a hard time about eating! He loves Skittles. M&Ms. Any kind of sweet cookies. Noodles. Goldfish. Pizza. Asian buns. Banana. Mushrooms. Flintstone vitamins. That’s about it?

He utterly hates eggs, rice, bread – but sometimes he will reluctantly eat it, if I feed him.

Most days, when we sit down for a meal…he eats a little bit and says he’s done and not hungry. It drives us absolutely crazy.

But if I spoon food into his mouth, with TV or Kindle on, he WILL eat it. And just like, he trained us to feed him while watching TV or playing on the Kindle.

Heh I guess it’s our fault too. We need to be more firm. And remember that he will eat when he’s hungry enough.

Will is on day 4 of quitting the bottles. Previously we gave him a bottle of milk when he wakes up in the morning, and again before nap. Now he’s offered milk in a straw cup with his meals. He drinks about half of what he used to, but the transition has been smooth otherwise. I don’t know if I am sad or happy that I will never wash another bottle again.

Behavior | Most of the time, Will is really pleasant, easy, fun to be with. Ok sometimes he’s demanding, even annoying, with his constant whine to be up, play games (Kindle), or watch TV, but all in all he’s a really good boy.

Like all toddlers, Will likes to do things himself. Take for example, the nose sucker. Whenever I tell him it’s time to suck nose, he shouts, “I do it!” He will then disassemble the device and attempt to put it back together in what seems like slow motion. Also, diapers. When it’s time to change diapers, he wants to be the one getting all the stuff out – diaper, wipes, powder. IT TAKES FOREVER!

(Speaking of diapers, we put him on the potty once a day. He sits there, looks down, and says, "No pee come out."

He plays and gets along very well with his almost-4 year old sister…but they fight and argue as well. It seems like they are always after the same things – if one person is playing with it, the other must have it RIGHT THAT SECOND as well. Sigh, there is a lot of pushing, shoving, and crying at our house.

One thing I’ve noticed about Will is how caring he is. If he sees Anna in distress, he will ask, “Anna, what’s wrong?” If he sees Grandma and not Grandpa, he will ask, “Where is Grandpa? Grandpa go?” He’s well-mannered and polite – saying thank you, you’re welcome, sorry, bye!

Will likes to crawl into my lap, wrap his arms around my neck like a koala bear, squeezes me tight.

And my heart – oh my heart – it melts into a glorious mush of love.

Sleep | We send Anna and Will to bed at the same time, which is anywhere from 8 to 8:30pm. He comes to sleep with sometime in the middle of the night. There are no gates blocking him so he just walks right on over (with his “Stegy” – a stegosaurus plush) and squeezes between us. Typically we wake up together at 6:30am. He takes a 2-hour nap in the afternoon.
Haha, I love this old picture of him sleeping on me.

Daily Routine | Will stays home with Grandma on the days that I work. Since Anna goes to school in the morning, it’s just him and Grandma. So for 4 mornings a week, he’s probably spoiled rotten and not much disciplined, but I still feel so lucky to have this childcare arrangement. They have their little routines. They read, do puzzles, attend story time sessions, and I am sure watch PBS during lunch time. After Anna gets home from school and has her lunch, both kids take a nap at 1pm. Now that I work 6 hours a day, I get home at 2:30pm. As soon as I get home, I start dinner prep. Usually I have enough time to finish prepping before the kids wake up and we all hang out. I am very happy with this routine.

On Fridays when I am home, I drop off Anna at school and take Will to music class. And then grocery shopping before heading home to have lunch. Then we go pick up Anna and the day is very similar to the rest of the week.

I like taking Will out and expose him to the outside world, but he's a homebody at heart. Whenever we are out, he asks, "Go home?"

Play + “Education” | Will does a lot of pretend play under the guidance of Anna. Those two build forts, put on shows, sing and dance, and generally just chase each other, act really crazy, and have a loud time together. As for “education”, we haven’t been diligent about teaching him now that he knows all his letters, numbers, shapes, colors. I really want to do crafts with Will, as it will help him with his fine motor skills, but he's just not interested.

Will still has another year before starting preschool, if he follows the same program as Anna. I can't wait to see my two kids, with backpacks on, going to school together. It's going to be soooo cute! :)


  1. Such an "infectious" grin! :) Yo just have to smile when you see him!

  2. What a cute smile and I love that hair! I'm a homebody too. :D Hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. Where to begin, we love this guy so much yet he's always testing us. I mean, how can a littler person make you want to hug him all the time while the desire to spank him always pops up in our minds once a day - at least?

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