NYE 2014

Did you all have a good new year's eve? What did you do? Anything fun for the kids?
I came across this Countdown Bags idea, which I found it so neat. On NYE, you fill a couple of bags with activities/trinkets/treats for kids to open at each hour leading up to the new year. The purpose is to keep the night fun and exciting while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Great idea, no?
So I decided to try it out myself. It was super simple -- I just filled the bags with goodies from the Dollar Tree (the clock template was found here)!  Besides the countdown bags, I printed a 'Happy 2014' banner and assembled some fun photo props. This idea came to me at the last minute, but I stuck everything on the kids' tree and our little New Year's Eve tree was born.

After coming downstairs after their nap, the kids were all smiles when they saw the transformation. Since Anna and Will are way too young to stay up until midnight, we started the countdown bag at 4pm (after nap) and ended at 8pm (bedtime).

Our evening went something like this:

To get the party started, they found balloons in the 4pm bag that we later blew up (first picture). Then after dinner, along with lollipops in the 5pm bag, I interviewed them with a series of questions. Note that Anna was eating a lollipop while answering the questions so you can see that her answers were a bit biased. Will didn't have much to comment.
I put party horns in the 6pm bag and this was when we also used the props to take family pictures. Then it was close to bath time so they found some magic grow capsules (similar to these) in the 7pm bag to play in the tub.
The last bag at 8pm was glow sticks/bracelets. We turned off all the lights and they had a wild time running around in the dark.
Overall, they had a really good time and were so excited about opening the bags! It was a success!  Of course the kiddos have no idea what NYE is, but they sure had fun on the last day of 2013. And I say we welcomed 2014 with a bang.  :) The next day Anna asked if there were more bags on the tree to open.

I plan to do this every year from now on.


  1. What a fun way to celebrate the new year!!!! Stealing for next year

  2. Happy New Year!! I love this idea, so fun :) This is a must for us next year. - Eva

  3. The idea of keeping one hour surprise is interesting. I will surely try this next year. When it was a New Year eve we also had a birthday celebration of my sweet little 4 year old niece. Although we planned for the party on 1st of January and invited all the friends and family members on that day still we want to give surprise to our angel jasmine and for this reason we purchased lots of balloons from an online store and decorated the whole room with gifts and balloons. When it was 12 at night she was asked to enter the room. She liked the room and loved it. She said that she also want to give such type of balloons to her friends in the party that was to be celebrated in the evening. We purchased kids balloons and that party went very entertaining. There was music, gun and games for kid, so that they can enjoy the party. To keep the kids indulged in activities one should plan for games and specially games with balloons such as volley balloon, balloon bop etc. To know more about different type of balloons for kids you can get the information here at http://postalflowers.ie/balloons/kids-balloons-1.html

  4. So what if we haven't seen the ball drop in several years, it's nothing compared to watching these guys figure out what the heck we're celebrating all the time.


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